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SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Substance Team and Communication
 on: October 01, 2019, 05:24:48 pm 
Why is it so hard to get any information out of the Substance team? I thought this merger with Adobe was going to give you guys the resources that you needed to get things done?

On almost every board on the forum there is questions with no answers.
Substance Source - how long until the next drop? we were told "soon" three weeks ago
3ds Max plugin - For month we were told "couple weeks", "soon", "next week" when we finally got it it had limited functionality. Now they're telling us "soon" for an updated plugin, and have been for months.
Substance CC or anything to do with Adobe merger - We've been more than patient and you've had more than enough time on this. Are you adding Substance to the CC subscription? I already have a CC subscription, and I'm very very hesitant to give you more money until I know whats going on. Everyone who isn't a major developer is sitting in limbo waiting for some clarification.

So what's going on?

Any news on when Substance will be available with Adobe CC? I don't want to buy the stand alone again if I can get it through my work CC account.

Since Abode stopped responding in the other thread... Can we get an update? Can we get any communication about the plug-in?

Hello, I was curious if I get to keep my accumulated Substance Source points if I switch from subscription to perpetual?

Also, what's the difference between the definitive licence and the perpetual licence? from the FAQ:

"To obtain a definitive license, you will have to complete 8 monthly payments to get either Substance Painter or Substance Designer, 5 monthly payments for Substance B2M, and 16 monthly payments for Substance Pack."

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Help with a pattern
 on: October 24, 2017, 08:27:04 pm 
Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to make this pattern (see attached)? I've been trying to make a substance of this for ages but I always give up and use a photo, which has very visible repetitions. Today I tried scan processing with the Smart Auto Tile node but didn't have much luck. It doesn't have to be super detailed, as there will never be any super close-up shots, but we will use this texture a lot, and on some big surfaces so a procedural texture would be amazing.

Thanks for the help.

I've noticed a few substances from Substance Source have very noticeable tiling. Certain ones like Asphalt Regular and Driveway Clean would typically be used on larger surface areas, but the tiling is too noticeable. Is there any easy way to cope with this?

Thanks for the help.

Hey everyone, I've been trying to improve my skills with Corona materials and was hoping to use B2M to help. Can I export maps directly from B2M to use in 3ds Max with Corona (diffuse, glossiness, normal, etc.)? If this is possible do I need to change the shader in B2M? or is that more for viewing purposes within the B2M app?

Or... should I use the B2M node in Substance Designer and then use the PBR to Corona converter?

Thanks for the help.

Hello! I was curious if anyone has any ideas on how to go about making a tyndall stone pattern? The closest I've gotten so far was very slightly directional warping a high contrast Perlin Noise with a Gaussian Spots node, but it wasn't very good. Do any Substance pros have any good suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

I've been playing around with a workflow that would allow me to post my substances to Artstation. I took a substance I made in Substance Designer, imported it to Substance Painter 2 and used the rounded cube as my mesh. The first thing I noticed is that I had to set my height force in the Shader Parameters lower to get rid of a sharp bevel edge, but it still doesn't have the same fidelity that I had in Substance Designer (picture 1). When I use Substance Painter 2's IRay I get the same look I had before I adjusted the height force (picture 2).

I'm still very much a novice when it comes to everything 3d so I am assuming it's user error but I can't seem to figure it out.

I was curious if there were any changes to the Corona exporter? The only documentation I can find if from this Polycount thread ( But it doesn't seem to be working for me. I had a simple paint over metal with some edge damage and the metal wasn't showing up in Corona.

Thanks for the help.

Hey everyone, I was curious if anyone had any tips for organizing all the assets from monthly drops, substance share, personally-made substances.

I've created a secondary shelf folder for substance painter, but what about all the generators and filters for substance designer? Should I just point to the painter shelf?

How do you guys organize your stuff?

Hello, I am fairly green when it comes to texturing and 3D modeling. I've been teaching myself the ins and outs of architectural visualization for the last year or so. I use B2M sometimes but mostly use Substance Designer to make materials for my scenes (bricks, tiles, carpets, etc). I own Substance Painter 1 through the indie pack but have never really taken the time to learn it.

I know Painter has some amazing features to make materials look weathered, old, scratched, etc. but is there anyway to incorporate it into an archviz workflow where I don't want things to look old and weathered? I'm debating taking the time to learn Painter and/or upgrading to Painter 2 but not sure if I'd get my money's worth. Does anyone here use Painter for archviz?

Hello, my work asked me if I was interested in doing a walkthrough for them using Lumion 6. I've been reading the Lumion documentation and it says "If your Normal Map contains an alpha channel, it will be used as a Gloss mask."

I assume this is possible with Substance Designer, I was just curiots if this was how all normal maps are setup? Or if there was something special I'd have to do in order to make this work? Thanks!

I was curious as to what settings I should set the shader to when using Substance Designer, B2M, etc. The default is PBR but I want to bring some simple maps into 3ds max to use with VRAY. Should I switch it to blinn - parallax, blinn - tessellation, lambert before beginning? Or should I make it with PBR then use the new vray convert node in SD?

Secondly, what maps do I need to export to get a good material for say a brick wall in vray? Is diffuse, bump, gloss, and height enough? Or should I use as many as I can? I'm not sure if there is a standard, or if you can over-do it. It's hard to find good documentation on this.

Thanks for the help!

Hello, I've been a long time lurker / wannabe substance designer. After countless months of tutorials and trying to wrap my head around substances I've finally started trying to make some and was wondering if I could get some tips?

I made a simple wood floor but something seems off. The joints between boards are super dark and I'm not sure how to make them better. I tried a blur and it helped a bit but they still seem very strong. Also the tiling seems off every eighth board vertically.

For my normals I took the grain pattern and blurred it way out to give a bit of a wave to the wood, it worked out pretty well I think. There's also a polish slider that turned out okay, for a first timer anyways.

I have to artistic background but I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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