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I am using Maya 2018, Substance Designer 2018.3.0 and the plugin should be a compatible version. I created my own substance material and am trying to load it into the substance node in Maya. it doesn't seem to load at all and when I try to create shading network, I am getting the error:
 "No Substance Output Node could not be automagically connected to the shader node. Please refer to Substance Plugin documentation for outputs standard naming or exit custom workflow"

I've tried .sbsar files I've downloaded from Substance Share and most of them seem to work fine. I read an old forum post where this issue was happening because the current SD didn't work with Maya yet or something. I am fairly new to SD but I followed a tutorial and created a veryyyy simple material just so I can test this out. i only have one input parameter I am trying to test. I was wondering if maybe I have named something incorrectly or if there is a bug. Thank you! (I have uploaded my material.)

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