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Substance Integrations - UE4 - live link custom file path
 on: January 22, 2021, 06:13:34 pm 
When using live link, can we have control over where the files go? Right now you create an entirely new folder structure and throw it into the unreal project. It would be nice to customize this.

ex: Artist has an asset already painted in substance and the file is already saved in the team's established folder structure.

I can not find a way to do this but if there is one, please point me to it.


I noticed that with shape splatter, I can output a clean floodfill and get the desired result. Just wish that the time sampler had this functionality. Maybe I will take a stab at creating my own version.

yes! I would love this. As of now, the only workaround is duplicating the sampler and imputing masks of the original inputs.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - tileSampler with masking
 on: January 21, 2019, 11:08:11 pm 
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has a good solution for masking individual inputs (rocks) in a tileSampler node? Right now I one sampler with 5 inputs of rocks that have height detail on them and it is outputting the height for that one pass. While troublshooting, I ended up duplicating this tilesampler, inputting a mask of each rocks and then cranking up the color random and using that but I am still getting areas that are not overlapping correctly in the masks. any suggestions?

I am having the same problem. I waited for an hour, no change, Logged off and back in and no change. any suggestions?

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