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I have a troulbe viewing my substance stencil in the viewport.

Hi. I have a problem trying to project stencil on my mask in uv painting mode.
It seems like stencil scale is not correct and I can not paint what I see when I preview my stencil.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Some features
 on: October 28, 2014, 02:02:24 pm 
Hi guys. I worked in painter since it's official release, awesome product, but I have some feature requests.
- blending modes. Multiply, Screen, Overlay etc. It would be cool to have this feature.
- Blur - (For example simple holding shift to blur texture)
- It would be cool to have ability to blur whole selected layer on the geometry edjes.
- We desperately need ability to assign effect on whole group.
- More control for brush movement. The most desired feature is brush, that keeps stroke direction and rotates the alfa accordingly. For example - welding. In zbrush it is easy to set step for alfa and get desired result, also alfa follows the stroke accorgingly.
- Sometimes I eagerly want to edit my input images(ao, nm, cv) - It would be great to be able to edit them without leaving Substance Painter.
- Also I could not overpaint imported texture inside painter. Is there any way to edit them?

Also a little question.

We have substance designer effect on color layer in painter
Can we - dynamically connect alfa channel from this layer to Substance Designer effect as input map, to have immediate effect on our color layer?

Hi. I am now digging into substance designer and have some questions.
I am created base material color library. Simple graph with huge ammount of outputs.
It looks like
Then I take this substance(call it as single sbs file and put it into other graph(for example
I thought if I would change some graph parameters, I would see changes in, but it looks like is frozen and can not be reloaded or changed inside
But if I would put my base_color graph as single graph into and then put it into robot graph - it will update perfectly.

My question:
Is it possible to see changes in after external update in

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