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Does Substance Plugin work with Android Packages?

So when is Cinema 4D gonna get some Substance love?
I've been using Substance in Unreal and have been loving that the Source database is so easily accessible... and now I read that 3DS Max & Substance has Octane and other GPU render options available out of the box.

Help a user out, any roadmap for us C4D users to get these features?

Is there anyway to integrate the database into Cinema 4D similar to how Octane has there LiveDB? I know it's not much work to go to the website. But I notice I drastically use the Octane DB more then the Source, just because of ease of access. Even though I beleive the Source database is better quality and much more content.

...Just looking at the Blog, looks like this feature was just added to 3ds Max Plugin version.

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