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I have 10 filters to an imported image (image to material), the thing is I have a LOT of images that are exactly the "same" and need to be processed the same way, same filters, same parameters, because they are too similar. There will be some minor tweaks here and there but redoing everything image by image, filter by filter, click by click doesn't feel intelligent at all.
Is there a way at least to save a preset list of filters to apply to an imported image?


We only support square textures right now. For which usage, do you need to work in 1024*4096 for example?


I'm shocked, Algorithmic Substance (unfortunately now Adobe) is not even aware that a lot of environment textures are not square: Tree trunks, leaves... it's not just the road textures, it's almost everything. Check your calendar, it's 2020, the world has moved on from the square thinking.
Don't we all know that the industry standard in plants is SpeedTree? don't we know it works with a ratio of 4 to 1 to avoid repetition on trunks, which is stupidly present is square textures?
Here are a few attachments, do they look square?
That square thinking is quite frustrating as I pay for a long time for a software that I can't use on my textures, I have to do everything manually in Photoshop. I have to create all the normal, AO, roughness.. all of that manually in Photoshop while paying Adobe for nothing.
Yes it's an angry frustrated hopeless feature request. Why hopeless? Coz it's now Adobe, it doesn't care about what customers want. I guarantee that the non square texture processing in Substance will never see the light. Its not the first time this was asked.

Is there something wrong with the Mask Editor in the latest version of painter?
textures 1 and 2 have disappeared and there is a custom grunge button, when I click and add one, I don't see any changes even if I keep playing with sliders everywhere

This guy says first the normal, there may be issues with masking later if all at once, can you please help understand? here is the exact time in the video:

When would you use the cafe file vs no cage file for baking normals? are there types of meshes for which you would use the cage file and other for which you wouldn't?

In this video he is addressing Maya, I'm trying to create parts of the mesh in Houdini, but the group information in Houdini doesn't translate to anything in Substance Painter, any idea how to do it in Houdini? Do I need to have separate meshes?
It's the first 2 minutes of:

I have artifacts on the mesh in Substance Painter, I have baked the textures maps (see baking settings). The original mesh has clean topology, no intersections, but I have those artifacts in Substance Painter. Any idea how to solve that?

When i import a leaf image under create tab, the generated normal shows the branches of the leaf inwards, i need them outwards, how do i invert the normal?

Speedtree barks have ratio of 1 to 4, how can i import a texture 1024x4096 and generate the texture maps at the same resolution? And how can i use it in inspire tab to get different variations at 1024x4096?

Do I make the texture maps (Ambient Occlusion...) from an image in B2M or in Alchemist? is Alchemist supposed to replace B2M?

I'm new to B2M and have no idea which one to choose? Direct3D 10 or SSE2? what's the difference/impact?

How do I Rotate HDRI (and light) in Iray render?

I'd like to keep separate the stuff I download from Substance Source and other materials that I add in a shelf/folder, how do I create one?

Could you please point me in the right direction in how to use megascans in Substance Painter (e.g. sand, gound texture...)

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