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Hello Firegod, you can start here exactly at 5:44 for an initial explanation (

and then further in the same playlist, in video 26, at 4:53 he bakes the ID map (

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: MikktSpace workflow
 on: January 30, 2016, 05:28:28 am 
You can have multiple smoothing group, but that will produce seems between them if you don't bake with a cage.

I thought that's what the Average Normals option in the Baking window / Common parameters is for - so that you can have multiple smoothing groups, but the projection rays still get averaged as if you had one smoothing group, so you don't get gaps and whatnot.

Hello everybody, this is my first post here.

When I started working with Substance Painter, the export textures window was a bit confusing to me. I accidentally edited one of the default presets. I looked in various folders in search of a preset file that I could restore. There are some points I'd like to make:

1. It seems there is some redundancy in the file structure after installation, in [installation folder]\resources and in [Windows Documents folder]\Substance Painter. The Hans.spp sample file (143 MB) is present in both locations, for example.

2. Making the default export presets read only may not be the best idea, but how about a simple "restore defaults" button? The original files seem to sit in the [installation folder]\resources\shelf\allegorithmic\export-presets folder anyway.

3. Perhaps the Configuration tab in the export textures window could be called "Edit presets", and the text "Config:" in the first tab could be replaced with "Preset:" to incidate clearly what all those tabs and drop-downs are actually about, and to ensure some naming consistency (it says "Presets:" in the second tab, above the list, not "Configs:"; and the export textures window is actually called not that, but "Export document").

4. How about creating a Marmoset Toolbag preset? I know you can't include each and every software there is out there, but SP -> Toolbag seems to be a pretty common workflow. You still have to know where to put each texture in Marmoset, and I know it's not your responsibility to educate anybody about other software, but still making sure that at least you've got the right textures would be a nice start.

5. Generally, the workflow between different software in this industry is really confusing. The tangent space mess is the worst. I have computer science background and only start to dig into the more artistic world, but I actually really appreciate the new era of more intuitive software like SP where you no longer have to have technical knowledge to create stuff. It's a shame for all the innovativeness of SP to be lost in this technical mess. I'm still not sure if my 3ds Max -> SP -> Toolbag workflow is 100% correct. Export this, tick this, untick this, invert that... Cage here means something else than cage there... All this uncertainty lead me to read a lot technical stuff, which in itself is a good thing, because I'll be starting in this industry with a solid understanding of the fundamentals, but I feel like this should be an option, not a necessity.

6. Which leads me to the next point, documentation. Say what you want about Autodesk, but their 3ds Max documentation is perfect. I know you have video tutorials, but you can't always search through hours of video to find a simple answer.

7. Unrelated to any of this: is there any way to preview a baked texture, let's say a normal map, inside SP? The popup preview in the Shelf/Textures tab is too small. And a way to quickly tick and untick a map would be great, if I want to compare a model with and without a normal map, for example.

I know this is a lot of different issues, but I wanted to write them fresh while I can still point this out as a new user, and I didn't want to spam with many different topics. Besides, none of these really require any discussion or an answer from you guys (except nr. 7) so I hope it's OK :)

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