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The face reminds me of Jailbot from Superjail! :D

And obviously, great work!

Love it! There's something off about the eye, though. I get the what you were going for - to make the pupil stand out and mesmerize. Can't tell what's off, though. Either the color, or the shape, I think. Edit: or maybe the emission!

Just my opinion though, and it's still one of my favorites :) Good luck, and I hope they make something like "top 10 runner-ups", cause yours definitely deserves attention/mentioning.

One of the most convincing wood materials I've seen. Top 3 candidate IMO. Beautiful! Would definitely like to have it on my desk :)

I think I've already seen a similar idea a few times, but I really like the glowing hands - great contrast for the clockwork, vintage metal part.

Are they just glowing, BTW? If you managed to simulate subsurface scattering so well with just emission, then great job! Hope you didn't use a non-default shader.

One of the most pro looking ones from those I've seen so far. Clean execution. If this follows the rules, and doesn't bend them much, then I think you may get into top 3.

BTW, from the last full render I saw, I was going to recommend improving the base, but then I saw the latest pic showing just the base, where it already looks much better. Could you post the final/most recent full render? I think it's good practice to edit the latest version into the first post, in long threads like this one. Unless the forum forbids it after certain time.

Anyway, good job :)

Maybe it would benefit from having a LITTLE BIT more detail (really, just a touch, maybe a barely noticeable film of dirt or something), but overall I really like it! One of the few that actually look like a vinyl figure (don't know if that was a requirement, just saying).

This looks so good! Simple but beautiful.

Just wondering, is the blue thing ice?

Beautiful and original. Love the face  :o :)

Haha, the egg got me! :D I think that was the most unexpected one from the ones I've seen so far :D Looks great!

Very neat, and not overly complex as some of the other projects that went in this direction. Thumbs up :)

One of my favorites! Original idea, great execution, visual clarity.

The eyes and mouth are a bit weird, though. I'm not sure what they are supposed to be made of. I'd make them with something else, or just get rid of them. And I can't decide whether I like the nuts or sprinkle hair better. Other than that, I love it. Hope you get into top 3 :)

I'm not sure how the judges will feel about the main focal point of this project being essentialy a scene from Blender :D

But art-wise this is so cool! Great workflow 8)

Mat - the Substance Test Dummy

Hello :)

I'm not hoping for much with this entry - started waay too late (excuses, excuses...), and the competition is just too tough. Still, I wanted to finish this, and share my idea.

The idea is simple: to showcase as wide a spectrum of SP's tools as possible, withouth sacrificing visual clarity. In other words, my Mat is a "test dummy" for some of my favorite, most notable, or simply coolest SP features.

Reminds me of Cool 3D World :D

One of the best. Attention to detail, but readable.

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