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Hello, I was looking for a solution to my problem and I believe I have a connected issue/know part of the answer.

When I update my graph and recook sbsar, Unreal detects the change and reimports the file (I see the small pop-up), but the connected instance doesn't show new parameters that I added to the graph, until I reimport the sbsar manually.

As if that wasn't cumbersome enough, while reimporting manually, the plugin actually deletes the instance and generated texture (hence the perforce "mark for delete"), and even though it recreates them immediately, by that time the texture is gone from the material (shader) that was using it, causing material compiler errors and forcing me to manually plug the texture into its sampler again.

Am I doing something wrong?

I managed to spend some more time yesterday on the entry and uploaded it to the contest site like 5 minutes before deadline

Witam w klubie ;) - same here...

Well done!

Hello, Substance freaks! :)

I chose this reference because of its "interactive" potential - rather than a static material, I imagined it gradually ripping apart and finally bursting, as the bulges grow in height.

I didn't get to do everything that I had in mind. Didn't even manage to make a proper high quality render - the main 4K one has some nasty artifacts, despite using high subdivision on the plane, but that's what you get for changing everything until last minute and rendering 15 minutes before the deadline, I guess :)

Oh well, was fun anyway. Now time to get some sleep (it's 9 in the morning oO).

Good luck everybody!

Hello again, last minute question. I know for the first render (side by side) we are free to choose the renderer. But for the main render there are precise requirements:

1 image of the created texture in Iray render mode on Plane HD (Default Geometry SD) (4096x4096)

I assume you're referring to the Scene/Plane (hi-res) option. As hi-res as it is, there are still displacement artifacts no matter how much I blur stuff. I noticed in another topic someone admitted to using the standard plane, but with subdivision. I think they're referring to this option:

I tested it and the results are MUCH better in Iray. Is that allowed? Also, can we boost the displacement scale to match the reference better? Thanks.

hi, what is the exact deadline?  Specifically here in Amsterdam?  8)

It's 23:59 this Friday PST (Pacific Standard Time - west US/Canada), so it will be already 8:59 in the morning on Saturday here in most of Europe (Warsaw, Amsterdam, Paris etc.), or 7:59 in London.

Some questions are still unanswered, though. The deadline is getting closer, would be a shame if after all the sweat and tears some submissions got rejected because of formal requirements misinterpretation ;)

Also we are supposed to include "Image of the maps (4K: 4096x4096)" - basecolor, normal etc? All in one image, like a cross section?

Hey Jeremie, does it have to be a single graph or can we do helper graphs? If we can, then in the submission include a screenshot of just the main graph?

Also we are supposed to include "Image of the maps (4K: 4096x4096)" - basecolor, normal etc? All in one image, like a cross section?

Edit: are Pixel Processor and FX allowed?

Thanks in advance.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Re: Iray GPU support
 on: September 09, 2017, 10:37:05 am 
Any word on possible ProRender integration into SD/SP? It's AMD's Iray equivalent.

@riggedpixel love the presentation! :D

Here's mine:

Yeah, and those are just the ones that people posted... Wonder how many more were actually submitted ???

One of the darkest ones, and I don't mean literally. I know it's a camera and wasn't supposed to be sinister, but it kinda is :) And made me realize than noone really went for a sinister look in this contest... ???

Very nice :)

For me, it lacks height detail that would make the shoes look like they're actually OVER the trousers. Same with the jacket over trousers and gloves. If the height info is there, then I think blurring the mask would make the effect more pronounced, by catching more light.

Another one that I'd like to have on my desk :) Love the simplicity, although I feel like the body may be lacking a LITTLE bit of detail. An extra something to catch the eye and contrast with the red. I have no idea what that could be, though, as I don't know anything about gun shells...

Reminds me of the Unreal Tournament map, Outpost 23 :)

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