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Howdy everyone. Could someone point me in a direction that might help me figure out how to better match these texures/materials? I have a plane with the main background as a 2K texture. within this are several smaller materials applied to specifc polys of the plane. Painter is treating them as 2k textures, but they will be exported as 512x512, and there is one medium sized square in the middle that will also be a 512x512 texture. I trying to figure out the best way to may all the materials appear as seamless as possible. In UE4, additional 512x512 texture will be composited on top of the squares.

FYI, if I had set up the UVs in 3DS Max to all use the same UV size, then the smaller square would only use a small portion of the UV space for the texture, which creates other problems in that if they are exported as 512x512, look seriously low res, and is I make everything 2k then I have a lot of massive textures.

I'm trying to figure out the best method for using triplanar projection. I have a large environment mesh that I want to cut up into parts. It is a cave system  and has no natural places that would make it easy to hide a mesh seam, so I figured triplanar would be the way to go, but do I still need to create a texture set for each mesh part?

Perhaps this post doesn't belong in this section, but I'm not sure where else to put it. Ultimately, I want the textures out of Painter to seamlessly transition from one mesh to the next.

Bonus!!!! Yay! Thanks. I'll check that out.

Now if we could only get Reallusion to link to the player to export all the relevant bitmaps, or supply their substance material, since they don't export roughness with FBX. Makes for crappy transition to Unreal for skin.


I bought the substance power 200 pack for iClone, and now that I am using Unreal Engine, I would like to export bitmap textures instead of using the substance plugin for Unreal.

The problem is that when I load the sbsar into Designer, I have no graph. I create another substance material and add the sbsar to it. However, the sbsar does not give me metallic or roughness for me to connect and output.

What is the best way to get the appropriate bitmaps out of Designer?



It's been a few months since I opened Designer, and now when I launch the application, after the splash image, it crashes.



At least it is good to see another face. I've also reached out to Reallusion and asked for their sbsar file or settings or anything that will let me recreate it. We'll see what happens. They have a series of tutorials coming up next week, with Unreal integration, so their going to have to get this working properly, or their new flagship will sink, for Unreal users anyway.


I have Substance Designer 5, iClone and Unreal.

Character made with Character Creator use Substances for the materials, but when the model exports, via 3DXchange, it would appear that either FBX does not include certain textures, or there is something else wrong.

On the unreal side of things, I only get Base/diffuse, specular and normal, never roughness. Also, there is no way to bring the material into Substance Designer (that I know of).

Any help in figuring out how to get this a bit more streamlined would be great.

Without the roughness, my materials look rather pasty, are are worthless. I'll tried some cheats, but none seem to work.



Hmmm... I've run into a problem baking the Color Vertex Map, as described in the video. I keep getting a black image. I must have overlooked something. It's hard to tell since the latest version of the software has a slightly different layout, but I think I made all of the proper settings


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: animated materials
 on: October 29, 2015, 01:22:54 am 
Ha, a fellow iClone user. I love it, and use it for characters and animation, but I move everything to Unreal for rendering and far superior particle systems and a million other things.

Anyway, I'll look into the $time variable and the examples you mentioned.

Thanks for the reply.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - animated materials
 on: October 28, 2015, 11:40:28 pm 
Howdy all,

I'm a bit new, and while I have a long way to go before becoming moderately proficient, I was wonder if it is even possible to achieve the follow concept?

I'll try to explain it in basic terms, though my goal may be slightly different:

A material that has a web of veins. The veins being one color and the space between them another (could be two sub materials or textures) Then have animated pulses randomly travel around the veins.

I found an image that gives the general idea. Disregard that it represents a 3D mesh

NEVER MIND! I'm an idiot. I was looking at the wrong asset.


I've installed the plugin to UE 4.9, and when I go into the texture's properties, it shows the resolution at 256x256, as I expected, but there is no way to increase the size, as shown in the excellent video tutorials.

What am I doing wrong?


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