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Okay, now this is an actual question that I'm not 100% sure how to solve.

I want a non-square texture of 512 x 1024, but the texture atlas reformats my texture as a square texture.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?


I'm the DENSEST person ever... The outputs weren't set to baseColor, but instead they were set to diffuse.

Different workflow, different outputs! I always need to remember that.

Thanks if I haven't said it already! Amazing work and thanks again for the fantastic texture atlas resource!!! :D

Hey again,

Also not so sure what's going on with this at the moment... Anyone have a clue?  :-\

Hiya Wes,

not sure if this is the texture issue people were talking about, but when trying to offset with base parameters larger than 2048, the Texture Atlas can't go past 2048. I'll attach a screenshot to show what I'm talking about if what I said made no sense  :-X Also, in the original post, the dropbox link doesn't work, so I had to look it up on substance share, if that makes any difference. Not sure if the versions differ. Also, using v2018.

Support info...,3063.0.html

Many thanks! I didn't know they also accepted a DxDiag instead of a Log file.

I just updated to 2.5.3, the most recent build, and it's still crashing when I try to bake with custom TextureSets. Not too sure what I'm doing wrong...

Substance Painter 2.4.1 crashed without any error log and since it crashed, I couldn't upload the error log from the "log" tab. Are there any local crash report files that are stored locally that I don't know about?

Please and thank you in advance!

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