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Thanx, good to hear.

I have a similar question. If I stop my monthly payments for my subscription will I lose access to the points I already have? I actually have many more points than I can currently find materials for.

Ok, I'll try to be as clear as I can. I'm looking at, for example, "printed linen rough" on the substance source website. It is only available as an sbsar file. According to Jeremie in the earlier post "The new batch of fabric materials are based on scanned data so there is no sbs associated since they are basically only a few nodes with the scanned images and the outputs." I would like to have access to the scanned image, so that, for example I might want to make changes that are not exposed in the sbsar file. Jeremie, in another post said that the scanned images are too "heavy". Nonetheless, I believe that myself and others would be fine with a long download if we could get access to the scans. Does this clear up what I am asking? Whether or not anyone at Substance is willing to make them available is of course the real question.

Is there an offline user guide (pdf or otherwise) file available somewhere. I find it more convenient than depending on an internet connection. thanx

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. But I don't think I understand your response. I understand what you mean by using the same graph, but it is the uncompressed scan data as input that I'm asking for, since it seems to be the scans that are determining the weave patterns. I get that they are heavy, but they also seem useful. Am I missing something here?

Not sure I understand why you can't make the scans available too.

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 on: December 19, 2017, 11:51:52 pm 
Ok, now that I seemingly needlessly paid for a license of designer, how do I get the subscription at the reduced price mentioned here, so that I can download the one only substance that I need for the job I'm working on.

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