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Aight, submitted my work and I guess its only proper to post my work here too.

I'm really glad I found out about this project and decided to give it a shot even after only a single course on the basics of Marvelous.

Honestly Substance Painter is still kind of a one big mystery to me, and I feel like the textures aren't on par with the quality of the 3D model.

Good thing this was a great introduction to the software, and since it's free to use for students I'm definitely gonna keep on practicing it.

The first year in design school, done.
The first piece in my portfolio, done.  ;)

Hey all!

I started working on this a few days back, I had kind of a clear vision on what kind of a outfit I wanted to make and just went with the flow so I guess this can be considered to be an original design.

Still got some work to do adjusting the patterns before I get to the whole simulation thing, just wanted to share this WIP.

I'm pretty new to Marvelous and I've actually never used the Substance kit, good thing I got a couple of weeks cleared up from my calendar just for this project.  :)

Criticism and suggestions totally welcome!

Looks good!

The missing arm is of course intentional. Can you guess why?

Regretfully, I tried to do something "original" with my pattern setups and paid the price in form of some sketchy normals. Had some issues earlier that lead me to not entirely trust the symmetry mode, but I think that might be the way to go forwards.
Its going to be prosthetic, isn't it  :D I'm excited to see that.

Making original patterns is a pain, yeah. (Im some really crazy stuff for my work, gonna post it later this week)
But in the picture you posted your pattern seems to an instance, not a mirrored instance. That would explain the flipped normals.

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