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Some late night progress, getting really close to completion! Still need to add a lot of trims and small elements. My framerate is about 0.01 frames per second at the moment, pretty crazy. These are gonna be three busy days, that's for sure.

Some work in progress screenshots, added an athletic-inspired leggings and shirt, and started working on the outer pants. Working out pretty well, I think!

Hey guys, finally joining the contest, and I chose Diana! Just started the concept process, had quite a few ideas so it was hard to pick one, but I've ultimately decided on a modern techwear kinda look, perhaps with some avant-garde elements, and I'm planning on making an interpretation of the huntress theme with a modern twist. I'm actually quite into the whole techwear thing, and the "marriage of style and function" aspect of it really appeals to me.

I also quite like Diana's pose, it's very dynamic and suits my theme well. Her physique might be an issue, as she's not exactly a mannequin, but I think I'll manage.

I'm hugely inspired by designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Helmut Lang, and brands such as Y-3, Acronym, Enfin Levé etc., and will try to come up with something in that vein. Started with some initial brainstorming sketches, and a moodboard:

Now, time for some Marvelous Designer!

Hey guys, what a great contest, can't wait to start making something cool! Just a few things to clarify:
1. While in Painter/Designer, are we allowed to use textures/alphas/materials from places other than Substance Source? For example, can I use an alpha I made myself in Photoshop, or a detail normal map bought from TexturingXYZ?
2. Could we import clothing hardware into the project? Stuff like belt buckles/strap fasteners/other rigid elements. Would they be considered accessories? Or perhaps they can be added in third-party software? Thanks in advance!

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