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I close SP to take a short break and I come back to this. Not only the file I was working in, but every autosave and manually made backup I've made. This happened once earlier, but back then I had the spirit (and time) to get up and continue.
If I had the storage capacity I would have used source control for this, but I couldn't, and now it is proper fucked. I don't know if it would even help, considering the project ran fine up until the point where I closed it properly, so whatever corrupted the project was with me throughout the process and ended up in every backup and auto save. Now I'd probably have to exit and load every time I saved to feel my work is safe in SP.
This sucks.
The phoenix might or might not be rising from the ashes, it'd have to pull an all nighter...

Been a while, my god are the entries for this contest starting/continuing to look amazing.
I've been scrambling to get a costume ready, and the puzzle pieces are starting to fall in place. I have to be calling it done after doing a detail pass on each of the garments. But all in all I am happy with what I have so far; it feels good to finally be comfortable in Marvelous Designer.

Another thing I did was test the way which I will bring all the meshes together in Substance Painter as SP only supports importing one file. Because I already did some painting on the statue, it was important to have the clothes added in and the already existing strokes preserved.  Good thing I did, because had I done so with less time to spare, I fear my frustration would have discouraged me.

First problem came about when I wanted to pose the statue and sim the clothes in the right posistion, however the blendshape had just straight up dissappeared from MD. I think this happened because I loaded autosaves after crashes. Never found a way to get it back in MD, but I made a new project with the original statue FBX then transferred the clothes  and posed there. 

When I had solved that I exported the scene as an OBJ and booted SP. But exports straight from MD to SP wouldn't work (scale issue) and when I finally got them to work the statue would come with a different UV map for some reason. What I ended up having to do is export only the garments with the scale set to cm's, import the garments and the original FBX into Blender, export that scene as an OBJ and import it into SP.

Next problem was my GPU near exploding because SP made 4K maps for every material I had used in MD. Got it fixed, saved the project, SP crashed, save file was corrupted, loaded from old backup, had to import the clothes again, finally got it saved and ran out of storage space.

After that I finally had the whole scene as I want it in SP, and the process is relatively straight forward to me now. SP remembers the material names as well as the layer adjustments made to them. It doesn't understand how to reproject any strokes if the clothes change posistion, so be sure to have your garments simulated to your liking before deciding it is texture time.

Personally, I can't wait for texture time.

Are there any tricks to get a better result from the buttons and the arms?

For the buttons I find that once they are simulated in place, it is better to right click on them and disable their collision. That way you don't have renegade buttons making their way everywhere, and they will mostly stick onto where they belong. You might need to simulate with collision again if you want buttons under other garments.

Its going to be prosthetic, isn't it  :D I'm excited to see that.

Finally got time to start it, I also came to the conclusion that I will redo the clothes I have so far because they are way too boring. Time management was never my forte.

Was toying with adding some cloth muscle fibers onto the blank spaces in MD, but I think I will paint them instead. I need to clean the texture a bit, but other than that the arm works well enough for my liking. There's also a bit of a sneak-peek into this David's backstory. I can assure you he never asked for this.

Enough concepting and doodling, time to make the actual clothes. Shirt is starting to take form. The missing arm is of course intentional. Can you guess why?
Regretfully, I tried to do something "original" with my pattern setups and paid the price in form of some sketchy normals. Had some issues earlier that lead me to not entirely trust the symmetry mode, but I think that might be the way to go forwards.

In addition I did a bunch of tweaking and turning on parameters that confused me in order to get a better insight on cloth simulation, and that has really paid off. A lot of what is needed to make the cloth look like cloth wasn't immidiately obvious to me upon starting out with MD.

Real life is getting in the way a bit more than expected, and my concept might be a bit ambitious, but I'm still positive I'll make it. Until next time!

Testing some Substance stuff and concepting the materials.

Using David. Going to try for something cyberpunk-ish. Wish me luck and best of luck to all of you!

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