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With marmoset I recomend do turntables because video is always more impressive.

Hello finally I present to You my Store.

I have done all quality checks possible in different forms from quality of products to quality shipment set up different things and so on.

As You will see There is not more sneakers.

But new Cloth and Accesories is coming.

Right now our guide star in fashion are Socks.

I am going not so fast as possible but each Weekend You will have updates.

Any question, any request, just let me know.

Houdini still in the road map.
I upgrade recently my computer so better quality and velocity in all forms coming.

Nodevember party all day long.

Day 3. Waterfall.

Description: antigravity waterfall source, fluent through new directions.

This time I want to achieve some kind of water drop at my own style.

So basically my style is create inequal patterns.

Questions are very welcome.

Nodevember Party Day 2:


Space Era come together with new architecture planet society.
This is visible from far away in Galax. Earth planet light of hope for different species.

Any question about why I use these nodes? or You want to share your thoughts?

And Yes I use again the same structure node with new nodes and some variations, maybe for a personal challenge evolving one node structure in different days but for sure I will post different nodes structures.

Stay tune, stay cool.

So I was not completely happy with result and I add a variation this result from my point of view is more beautiful:

The second image is in vector style.

I join to Nodevember as a challenge to complete at my own rhythm but all inside this month.
I will have fun doing this challenge mostly on weekend.

Day 1)


Description: Fine bridge between areas of influence.

Thanks I appreciate a lot your comment.

Here I post one Show Case about Sneakers, Clothe and Prints.

In next days I am going to update with new prints on ArtStation.

An important update: Improved vector style so now vector for prints and fashion are more realistic.

This and next month: get a new graphic card and start with Maverick Render and Houdini and combine this tools for Fashion and other cool activities.

My presentation:
My artist name is Sarawarreik.

As normal profession I am programmer so this keep me inside tech world, and in the artist side my objective is create to live of my designs.
So I am just beggining but I have a clear path and want to achieve "My Artist Dream".
I have and store in progress and ArtStation prints in progress also, this is a long path but full of joy, full of discoveries and adventures.

I am here to answer if there is any question.

More Sneakers below:


My workflow is use textures 2d and 3d full material which I create / original artwork to apply to fashion and art.
Sometimes I vector the Texture 3d full material to have a final result with layers and layers and scale easy.
In future I am going to use Maverick Render to improve workflow.

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