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Hey guys, finally joining the contest, and I chose Diana! Just started the concept process, had quite a few ideas so it was hard to pick one, but I've ultimately decided on a modern techwear kinda look, perhaps with some avant-garde elements, and I'm planning on making an interpretation of the huntress theme with a modern twist. I'm actually quite into the whole techwear thing, and the "marriage of style and function" aspect of it really appeals to me.

I also quite like Diana's pose, it's very dynamic and suits my theme well. Her physique might be an issue, as she's not exactly a mannequin, but I think I'll manage.

I'm hugely inspired by designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Helmut Lang, and brands such as Y-3, Acronym, Enfin Levé etc., and will try to come up with something in that vein. Started with some initial brainstorming sketches, and a moodboard:

Now, time for some Marvelous Designer!

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