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Thanks for your reply - I somehow missed the reroute shortcut :-/ .

Hi guys,

first of all : I love Substance Designer and Wes, congratulations to your award - you earned it!

But what I don´t like about SD is the organization of the nodes. It´s like a plate full of sphagetti in more complex graphs and really hard to follow/understand, especially when learning and looking at the graph of somebody else.

- Wouldn´t it be possible to have a kind of "variable" Node, which saves certain parts of the graph. Then you can instance this "variable"-node in some other part of the graph without having to connect it via wire. The same instances could also be indicated by the same color for example.

- A reroute-Node (like in UE4) would be awesome to organize the wires and keep everything tidy.

- A way of collapsing parts of the graph into single nodes with in/out connections. (see UE4 macro/functions)

- Perhaps individual graph tab pages for all channels (i.e. base color, normal, roughness, ...) . Links could be done via the "variable"-node.

- Why doesn´t the frame adjust its borders when I move a node inside of it? Why don´t I have the possiblity to change the size of the frame on every border? (hor and vertical)

Best regards,

Hey Allegorithmic-Guys,

that would be just awesome! Please make it happen soon ;-) .

Best regards,

Thanks, perhaps this will happen someday :-) .

Hey guys,

as far as I know, I have to bake the normal map and reimport it to get AO and curvature from the normal details I´ve painted. It would be great to have this happen in real time, without the process of baking&reimporting. I know I could use own filters (see damage example), but is there another way?

Could this be a future feature, allegorithmic-guys?

Thanks for this awesome tool.
Best regards, Michael 

+1 from me! I´d love to add to a mask when placing a normal detail. 

Thanks. I hope this will be included in the next patch.


I´ve got the problem that can only use the normal textures "brushes" when only the "normal" channel is activated. In this case the mask of the normal works. As soon as I turn on another channel "color", for instance, the normal map brush is not cut out the right way (square visible).

I´d like to paint my normal "texture brushes" in another color, roughness, for example for screws. Or the handles or container normal parts should have a different color.

Using 2.1.0.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Best regards,


I think Substance Painter is an awesome tool, but creating normal maps with alpha shapes is a bit cumbersome is some cases. I don´t know if this has been asked for, but in my opinion it would be great to have some simple vector based drawing tools, a bit like nDo2 in Photoshop.

Best regards,

Again another great tutorial series as usual, Wes! Looking forward to try things out when I come home from work :-) . I hope Substance Painter will be able to deal with multiple meshes sometime.
Best regards,

Thanks Wes, looking forward to further updates :-) . Bye,Oli

Hi guys,
first of all.. substance painter is getting better and better. Thumbs up for your work! I´ve just tested the multi-material feature, but one thing I can´t figure out. Is it not possible to paint over multiple texture-sets without a seam? I can only paint on one set or the other and can´t draw a line over both, for example.
I would like to create bigger models with several materials with individual uv layouts for greater texel density.
Thankful for any help,

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