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Hi Wes!

I sent you the nodes as message - hope that worked!
Best regards!

Thank you!

Will post them tomorrow asap! (Already night in Europe :-))
Do you need referenced nodes as well?

Hi Wes!
No, no highlighted nodes.
I took the screenshots when i was in SD5 compatibility mode.

Everything seems ok here.

I see highlighted nodes when switching to SD4, but not when in SD5.

Hi Cyrille!

Thanks for the info! I looked into that.
Switched compatibility mode to SD5 and checked the graphs (+referenced graphs) for errors.

I attached screenshots of the graphs - none of them is showing any highlighted node.
The graphs are pretty simple as well.
The thing is, that i didn't even change much on the graphs since SD5 - only added 1 new, but no new SD6 exlusives used. No Set Alpha, no Text node.

Screenshots here:

Hi Wes!
Thanks for the fast reply!

I already tried that. Switched the Engine to v5 and even to v4 to check.
Same error in Unity. Like it's not changing to any compatibility mode.

I am kinda depending on the procedural substances in the game we're working on and our deadline is drawing near fast.
Maybe there's another workaround you can think of (besides exporting textures - we used a lot of exposed parameters in the game)?
Or do you have an ETA for the Unity plugin?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry - i made a type in the header - it's supposed to mean SD6 (not SD5, obviously :-))

Hi there!

I updated to Substance Designer 6 have a problem with importing sbsar files into Unity.

Unity shows the error:
Failed to retrieve a single SBSASM file in the archive... Did you use the Substance cooker to generated the archive ?

followed by:
Import failed...

I already set the compatibility mode to SD5 - didn't help - same error.

I already used the graph in Unity with SD5 before but had to make some changes which I did after updating to SD6.
Now I can't get it working anymore.

Any tips?

PS: The graph is referencing other graphs i made - could there be an issue?

One thought:
Is it possible that Painter crashes because the Shelf didn't yet fully create all thumbnails?
I'm using a huge library. Mostly stuff from GameTextures (and thumbnail generation is insanely slow - almost a minute per material)

No, sorry - I only got this GPU.

I noticed in Task Manager that the CPU and memory usage  of Substance Painter continues to increase once I try to save my project.
Just in case that hints to a solution.

Is there any kind of log I can check to see if a driver crashed or something?
I also unplugged all USB devices (besides Keyboard + Mouse) to check if that would help.
Right now I'm checking my system for old drivers.

It's really weird.
Is there some known issue/incompatibility list of hardware or software that conflicts with Substance Painter? Maybe I got something on my system that creates an issue?

Yes, after I tried an older driver without success I updated it again. Didn't make any difference.

When I downgraded I used this driver:
Version 361.91, 15.02.2016

But the issue was the same.
Let me know if you need anything else.

Short update:
I have the same issue after updating to Substance Painter 2.4

Thanks for the quick reply!

I just double checked - it happens with every project I create in Substance Painter.
From what I can tell, things get weird whenever I use masks.

For this test project I did the following:
- imported a mesh and added a material layer from the shelf
- saved the project a couple of times - works fine
- added a mask and selected a couple of polyons
- added a material from the shelf beneath the mask layer (inside a folder)
- tried to save under a new name
- project doesn't save -> Substance Painter crashes

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks in advance!

Hi again!

I downgrade the GPU driver to a February version - same issue.
I'm on the latest Substance Painter version.

These are the steps to reproduce the problem:
1) I got a project set up and saved.
2) I add any substance material to the project
3) Try to save under a new name
4) Substance crashes
5) When i continue working (reopen substance, do some more stuff) the computer crashes to a blue screen.

As mentioned before, this only happens with Substance Painter. Designer and any other software work perfectly.
Plus I never had blue screen before with my current installation.
Already re-installed Substance Painter - no luck, same issue.

Is there anything else I can try to get around this?
I'm a bit under pressure to finish a project and really need Substance Painter for that.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

I can try to downgrade the GPU driver.
But still - I ONLY get a blue screen when using Substance Painter.
Actually never had a blue screen before - the system is usually really stable.

Also, I don't always get a blue screen. Sometimes Painter crashes to the desktop.
And that always happens when I use any material from Shelf.

I also have Substance Designer where I use materials from the shelf - no problems there.

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