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Sorry for the gigantic and rather useless log. This is due to a bug which should be fixed in the next version of Designer.
Regarding the actual cooking failure, they are usually due to an out of memory error when cooking large graphs or graphs embedding large files. Could you please try to change your bitmap resources format to Jpeg instead of Raw, and tell us if it solves the issue ? (select the bitmap ressource in the package explorer, the compression format will be available in the parameter panel on the right)
If not, could you share your graph with me (possibly by PM) ?

Both the height and normal map baker require a "low polygon"/base and a "high polygon"/detail version of the same object, and compute detail textures for the "low polygon" mesh that can be used to make it look like the "high polygon mesh".
For the height baker, the resulting texture gives the distance between the base and detail mesh (zero distance is middle gray, darker means the detail mesh is beneath the base, lighter means it is above).
For the normal map baker, it gives the normal of the detail mesh, either in world space coordinates or in the local/tangent space coordinates of the base mesh.
Here, it looks like either you have used the same mesh both as base and detail, or that the detail mesh is too far away from the base mesh.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: Position Map
 on: August 29, 2013, 05:13:17 pm 
They give for each texture pixel the 3D coordinates of the mesh point that uses this texture pixel. In Designer, the coordinates can be normalized according either to the bounding box of the of the object, or according to its bounding sphere.
For example, they can be used to modulate an effect according to the actual height of a point on the mesh (e.g. add more mud near the bottom of boots).

Could you please tell us what your OS, CPU, graphics card brand, model, and driver version are ?

Thanks for reporting that. Indeed, you should not have to specify the path to the default packages. It seems we messed up something with the installation.

I believe i'm on the most recent build, 3.6.1 and cooker 3.0.0. I'll look forward to that.
I don't think we have set a date for the next release yet  Hopefully that will be soon enough.

In the meantime, would it be possible for you to send me the normal map? As large as possible would be great. Thanks.
I'd be glad to do it but I would need you to send me the corresponding low poly mesh : I tested baking with the same file as low and hi poly ;)
Also, would you need it in world space coordinates or tangent space ?

I can't reproduce the issue with this file and the version of Substance I am working on. It may have been caused by some bug that we fixed recently. So it should be solved in the next release of Substance.

Would it be possible for one of you to share one of the non-working meshes with me ?

Mmmh, can you load this mesh as a resource and open it in the 3d view ?
What file format is it ?

There is no set limit that I know of other than the amount of ram available from your OS. Were you using a 32 bit version of Substance Designer ?

External bitmap resources can only be kept external from the .sbs file. Once the substance is exported (ie transformed into an sbsar file), the images are embededded in the substance. That's why you can't change their path dynamically.
However, you can do what you want using a "Color Input" node instead of a Bitmap node. That way, you can use the same substance to batch process a series of different inputs, using the Substance Player or the Substance batch tools or a script in Max, Maya, Unity, etc.

I confirm that this problem is fixed by the next release of Designer. Thanks for the help.

Yes, that would be fine. Thank you.

It looks like a difference in the way we compute/read the tangents and binormals. This is going to change in the next version of Designer, and it will likely fix that problem. To be completely sure, would it be possible for you to share these meshes (or other simple ones which have the same problem), so that I can check that the problem is indeed fixed ?

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