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I'm using a wacom intuos 4 tablet with painter.   the issue i'm seeing is only with the color picker

if i make a fill layer and then go to select a color for the diffuse, i can drag my pen around to get to the color I want and as soon as I lift the pen back off the tablet, the cursor jumps to a slightly different location.  It isn't the same amount of  jump each time, sometimes it is subtle, but other times it jumps halfway across the color selector

i don't see this type of pen behavior in any other app or in any other aspect of painter

has anyone else seen this issue?

it is very slow for me as well.  I'm baking a 4k curvature map where the low and high poly are the same decimated mesh from Zbrush. 

i'm using a 2080ti and the normal, world space normal, occlusion and position all bake in several seconds.  the curvature takes almost 10 minutes.  I don't recall it being this slow in previous versions, but maybe I'm mistaken

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