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I posted a thread about subscription expiry messages in the titlebar and how it affects my usage of the software. It's been a while but no one replied to that thread.,28737.0.html

I would really appreciate a response from adobe/allegorithmic on this.

I would like Allegorthmic (now adobe) to remove the "Maintenance Expired" message from the titlebar of the program. In the past it was just an nag to renew maintenance, which I was happy to do in any case.

But now when my current license expires I am unsure if I will renew. Will there even be another maintenance extension for a perpetual license? I am definitely not signing up for any monthly subscription.

I will not be able to create Youtube videos of my work without it seeming like I'm on a trial version or pirating the software. When infact I have paid for it, multiple times with each maintenance extension.

That message in the title bar interferes with my supposedly perpetual licensed rights to use the program. As a solo dev it is important for me to share my work whether it be coding, modeling, animating and when i get to it "texturing". I won't be able to do that.

Can we have a setting to turn it off?

I hope the devs here seriously consider my request.

I'd like to use the Canopus Ground environment that comes with the Alien MoodPack in game with UE4.

Other than that I mostly stick with "Panorama" environment that loads as default in Designer/Painter. Can either of these maps be used in host applications?

 Can I import the HDR environments that come with substance designer/painter to a host application like UE4 for commerical purposes? Is that permitted usage under the license?

Thanks for the clarification I worked it out. Unfortunately I can not figure out how to do this entirely within ZBrush. In the end I used Blender to assign the same material id to each mesh part in the low poly and exported the high poly obj files directly from zbrush with grp turned off. Match by name is now working in Substance Painter.


This might be a bit much to ask but would it be possible to get a youtube video demonstrating how to export a mesh from ZBrush to use with Match by Name?

I found a tutorial for doing such with maya here but I rely on Zbrush only and sometimes blender. I am really struggling with getting this working.

I have an object in Zbrush made up of several subtools. I've named them all with _high/_low suffix so I have a list like


I need to bring this object into Substance Painter with a single material and I want to use Match by mesh name to avoid getting issues because some of the tools are close together and will interfere with projection.

I turned off grp on each of the subtools but how do I export it all as one file without merging the mesh? Or am I supposed to merge and then export in which case how will match by name work? Export as Obj gives me one file per subtool. I tried FBX Import/Export with visible subtools but that gives me separate material for every subtool. I need to get single texture set for the whole object.

Quite possibly I'm asking something very obvious or what I am trying to do is not possible? I am new to this.

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