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I would like Allegorthmic (now adobe) to remove the "Maintenance Expired" message from the titlebar of the program. In the past it was just an nag to renew maintenance, which I was happy to do in any case.

But now when my current license expires I am unsure if I will renew. Will there even be another maintenance extension for a perpetual license? I am definitely not signing up for any monthly subscription.

I will not be able to create Youtube videos of my work without it seeming like I'm on a trial version or pirating the software. When infact I have paid for it, multiple times with each maintenance extension.

That message in the title bar interferes with my supposedly perpetual licensed rights to use the program. As a solo dev it is important for me to share my work whether it be coding, modeling, animating and when i get to it "texturing". I won't be able to do that.

Can we have a setting to turn it off?

I hope the devs here seriously consider my request.

 Can I import the HDR environments that come with substance designer/painter to a host application like UE4 for commerical purposes? Is that permitted usage under the license?

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