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Hey, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a conscious decision for some reason, but why does the thumbnail size in the content browser not stay what I set it to when I reopen painter? For example, I open painter, thumbnails are set to medium. I set them to large, close painter, reopen it, and they are back to medium.  It does in designer, but it doesn't in painter. Is there some configuration file somewhere I can edit to make this happen or is it hard-coded?

Yeah, I didn't realize how this really worked. I found out about 10 secs after I posted this and I deleted it. I don't know why it kept it up, lol. But yeah, I get it now. It isn't really what I would prefer. I didn't realize it would create folders inside the folder I picked as a custom shelf. I just wanted a place in the painter UI to find my library of assets in their folders as is. That way I can have a universal library location for multiple programs. Oh well, lol. I guess I'll just have to use window's file explorer and import assets as I need them.

Hey, so I want to have substance painter point to an asset library folder on my hard drive for use as a personal shelf, so I went to edit -> settings -> shelf and added the folder location, but I'm unsure how to actually access the new "shelf" from the UI of substance painter?

Hey I don't know if this would be considered a feature request because of how small of a thing it is, but I'm wondering why the source log in in painter doesn't have an option to remember my creds? It gets really annoying having to look up my password (because I don't use the same password for everything) every time I open painter / open source in painter.

Oh sorry. I didn't upload a log file because I'm not sure if this is a bug, or I'm just misunderstanding how baking without a high poly / curvature maps work. Attached a log file and the painter file I'm using.

Hey guys. So the issue I'm having is I'm trying to use a smart mask on this support mesh. It's a face-weighted mesh so no high poly to bake from, just one mesh with face-weighted vertices and beveled edges. So when I bake the maps I check the option that says "use low poly as high poly mesh". The problem is whenever I use a smart mask that uses the curvature map as an influence, you can see seams on the overlaying material. All the other map influences and texture inputs are fine (when you check triplanar on), but regardless of what I do, the curvature map is causing seams. So I'm wondering if anyone can pin point the issue here.

My hunch is that the curvature bake normally uses the normal map bake to compute and so because I'm baking a mesh to the same mesh, the normal map is blank, so no data for the curvature bake to go off of. But that doesn't explain why there is still some data in the baked curvature map without the high poly bake. I don't know.

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

In the inspector window of the imported sbsar in Unity, change the rendering mode to either cutout or fade. The option is near the top.

Hey guys, I was messing around with the Iray renderer in SD and I came upon something odd. As you can see, those jagged edges are showing up. This only happens in Iray, not OpenGL and it seems to be related to the height map because when I unplug the height output, it just shows the normal map, but it's smooth, no more jagged edges. I've included the sbs in the attachments.

Thanks guys.

Yeah. I'm using windows 10 and that's great to hear. Any idea when (ballpark if anything) that update is going to be out?

Hello, I've been having this issue for quite some time and it's getting very annoying having to deal with this. Basically, SP2 is not saving the sizing of the different panels once I change the layout. It saves where they are relative to one another, but doesn't save, for instance how far over the shelf window was or how far down the layers window was. And now, every time I open SP2, it opens in this windowed box on top of not saving the panel positions as shown in the video.

So just wondering what's going on. (PS. I've tried deleting the registry entries like what was listed on another forum post. Doesn't work. It resets everything, but it does the same thing once I get everything set up again)

Are you talking about just the resetting of the preferences James mentioned or the original problem of this thread (Windows not remembering their scaling/positioning on screen? Also, you said the next version of SP. Do you mean an upcoming 2.x version or SP 3? Because if it's the latter, that's a bit disappointing to include a fix for such an annoying bug only in a new iteration of SP.

Is SD still not remembering your window placement? I've had the same problem only opposite to yours for a couple months. SP doesn't remember so I have to rearrange everything every time I open it, but SD is fine. I guess not enough people are experiencing this for Allegorithmic to really care? :( It's very frustrating.

Although come to think of it, I would think that spray pattern was probably made with an fx map rather than an imported bitmap? Not sure though since it's an sbsar so can't access the source.

hmm. That gets me thinking about how SP and SD handle going back and forth between resolutions. Like if I import a premade bitmap into SD to use for a graph, say at 512, if the graph goes above 512 I assume it's doing something similar to what Photoshop does with some sort of interpolation? And if the graph goes back down to 512, does it go back to its original imported resolution or does it only consider the current resolution at one time, meaning it forgets what resolution it was imported in once the res changes.

Same question for SP?

I honestly don't remember lol. But it was generally just using an alpha as the brush, then using a different alpha as an eraser and going back and forth. I want to say I was using the splash spots and spray alphas but I'm not sure. Might of been another alpha in there too. But the one in the attached spp is just that method above ^ with just the splash spots and spray alphas.

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