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Hey, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a conscious decision for some reason, but why does the thumbnail size in the content browser not stay what I set it to when I reopen painter? For example, I open painter, thumbnails are set to medium. I set them to large, close painter, reopen it, and they are back to medium.  It does in designer, but it doesn't in painter. Is there some configuration file somewhere I can edit to make this happen or is it hard-coded?

Hey, so I want to have substance painter point to an asset library folder on my hard drive for use as a personal shelf, so I went to edit -> settings -> shelf and added the folder location, but I'm unsure how to actually access the new "shelf" from the UI of substance painter?

Hey I don't know if this would be considered a feature request because of how small of a thing it is, but I'm wondering why the source log in in painter doesn't have an option to remember my creds? It gets really annoying having to look up my password (because I don't use the same password for everything) every time I open painter / open source in painter.

Hey guys. So the issue I'm having is I'm trying to use a smart mask on this support mesh. It's a face-weighted mesh so no high poly to bake from, just one mesh with face-weighted vertices and beveled edges. So when I bake the maps I check the option that says "use low poly as high poly mesh". The problem is whenever I use a smart mask that uses the curvature map as an influence, you can see seams on the overlaying material. All the other map influences and texture inputs are fine (when you check triplanar on), but regardless of what I do, the curvature map is causing seams. So I'm wondering if anyone can pin point the issue here.

My hunch is that the curvature bake normally uses the normal map bake to compute and so because I'm baking a mesh to the same mesh, the normal map is blank, so no data for the curvature bake to go off of. But that doesn't explain why there is still some data in the baked curvature map without the high poly bake. I don't know.

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

Hey guys, I was messing around with the Iray renderer in SD and I came upon something odd. As you can see, those jagged edges are showing up. This only happens in Iray, not OpenGL and it seems to be related to the height map because when I unplug the height output, it just shows the normal map, but it's smooth, no more jagged edges. I've included the sbs in the attachments.

Thanks guys.

Hello, I've been having this issue for quite some time and it's getting very annoying having to deal with this. Basically, SP2 is not saving the sizing of the different panels once I change the layout. It saves where they are relative to one another, but doesn't save, for instance how far over the shelf window was or how far down the layers window was. And now, every time I open SP2, it opens in this windowed box on top of not saving the panel positions as shown in the video.

So just wondering what's going on. (PS. I've tried deleting the registry entries like what was listed on another forum post. Doesn't work. It resets everything, but it does the same thing once I get everything set up again)

Hey guys. I've noticed this in normal maps created in SD as well, but in this I'm in SP2. As you can see in the picture, there are those grid like lines showing up in the normal map. I created this just as an example by painting with the height channel with alphas that come with SP2 (Splash spots and Spray I think). And the normal map channel under the texture set panel is set to RGB16F so it should be 16 bit. Also the texture res is at 4k. So, normal map is 16 bit, texture is set to 4k, but those lines are still showing up for some reason. One theory I have is that the alpha textures being used to paint are not 16 bit or the sbsars in this case? So if anyone that knows more about how this works could explain this, I'd appreciate it!

Thanks! :D

Hey guys. I'm in the middle of backing up my work programs, and I can't seem to find any file that holds the layout information for both SD and SP2. I want to back up these files so if I need to reinstall windows, for example, I can copy and paste the configuration files instead of manually setting everything up again. Does anyone know if there are such files and where they are located?

Hey guys. Got another question here. Recently I've been trying to make a shape preset for a half sphere. Something like the pic attached. But the problem is, as you can see to get this shape I have to crank the normal intensity way up. So I'm not sure how I would create a height shape (black to white) to be later used as a normal map. Like say for instance I want to put the height shape into an atlas, then the black and white atlas goes to a normal map node. Obviously I can't crank up the normal node because there are other shapes that would be affected.

So I guess what I'm asking is there any way to control the intensity of a black and white image before it goes into a normal map node. I've already tried a levels node and all the histogram nodes and none do anything because I guess the gradient is just too soft?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to transform a shape without distortion. What I mean by that is when you use a transform 2d on a shape to say squish it to 50% of its height, it distorts the shape to were the top edge is different from the sides. So say I wanted to make this (in the pic attached) to where the vent is just shorter, it doesn't really work that well because the top edge is skinnier than the side edge.

Appreciate any ideas, guys.

Hey guys. This isn't that big of a deal, but it is a bit annoying having to reposition the windows every time you open up SP2.
In the pictures I've attached you can see what I'm talking about. Again, not that big of a deal, but was wondering if this was some sort of bug, because in past versions I remember the UI remembering this kind of stuff.

Hey guys. I just have some questions on this topic. My main concern is the performance cost of substances used in a real time environment rather than using a UE4 material and creating instances off of that. Say for example I create a substance (sbsar) called Forest rock. I intend to use this sbsar for all the rocks in my forest level. The implementation I want to have is have rock of different tint, some with moss on it, some with no moss, and so on. So I want all these options built into that one sbsar. If I want to do this with bringing this sbsar into UE4, the only way I see the possibility of having all these different "instances" (have all these different rocks in the level at the same time) of that sbsar is in fact creating a lot of graph instances from the substance factory file. The problem with that is it creates the textures for each graph instances rather than what using UE4 instances from one material where the performance and disk space would not be as severe. (Instances don't output all the textures of the material on top of the material itself If I'm understand them right).

I've also seen tutorial videos where the person creates graph instances and a normal material instance as well from the sbsar, but that just like a headache to keep track of what is doing what.

So I ask anyone who has used sbsar's in a real world setting, how did you implement them?

Thanks for any help, guys.

Hey guys, I'm doing some testing with importing substances in UE4 (v14) and I'm noticing some artifacts showing up on the normal map that don't show up in substance designer. And it also doesn't show in Unity, only UE4. So, as seen below, you can see those indents on the edges that make the normal look pretty bad. And all these ss show the material at the same resolution (512). And even when upping the res, the artifacts aren't as noticeable, but you can tell they are still there. So I was just wondering what's up and why it's only doing it for UE4. I don't know if it's a compression issue or what.

Appreciate the help.

Hello. I'm trying to test the backface culling feature, but it doesn't seem to be working. As far as I know, when it is off, that means the stroke should paint through the mesh, correct? And I've tried all the alignment options as well, and it still only paints one side of the mesh.

Shown here:

Am I missing it somewhere or did they get rid of the advanced search? The new search bar at the top is not really good imo.

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