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Hi there,

I would love to be able to instance across texture sets with masking. Here's why;

Imagine you have to make a huge ground plane. You might have four UV sets after breaking it up in to four pieces.

Each quadrang has a 4k texture. You want common elements and fixed seams across each quadrant of the ground plane so it looks like one huge 16k map, but you want to mask them differently, e.g., Same grass, dirt, flowers, etc.. So, when you make changes to the grass, dirt, or anything, this updates on all maps and all texture sets, but the masking is different. Quadrant 2 will have a different grass distribution from quadrants 1, 3, and 4.

Is this possible? This would really be an amazing feature. I can seemingly instance between texture sets but I cannot mask them independently (from what I can see). Simple painted masks, nothing fancy yet.



Hi there!

Just wanted to say, the .glTF exporter works great. We're using Substance Painter for this instead of Max or Blender.

Trouble is, my mesh name is not being saved in the map export. I don't see an existing configuration for .glTF in Substance Painter that I can modify. Is there somewhere I can edit the way this preset is configured as I would for VRAY, UE4, or Unity?

Ideally, I'd be able to modify the existing preset, or, it would be nice if there was an identical, user-configurable preset I could modify to add my model name in the filename.



Same issue here but glad Allegorithmic is working on a fix.

I reported two bugs related to this. Glad to see I'm not alone-- and glad someone's trying to fix it. I'm somewhat stuck until then...   :(

Having the same issue here. 2018.2.2 is busted with respect to the 2D view (polygon fill and such).

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Symmetry not centered
 on: November 13, 2017, 10:38:36 am 
I ran into this issue as well. Thanks to the person who posted the workaround. It works but I lost my prior paintjob. I'll be checking this straight away next time. It would be very nice to have a manually adjustable symmetry. Thanks!

Same stuff here after 2.6.0 update, Painter is freezing and need to end it from the task manager.  Happening on old scene, production scene.

Same problem here. Glad to be able to confirm that it's a bug by checking the forum. Looking forward to a fix. Will use 2048x2048 workaround or roll back since I will need a 4096 at some point.


Is there a way to ignore backfaces whilst selecting faces or UVs when masking? This is a nice way to mask, except that selecting faces can be problematic when a bunch of faces on the other side of the selection get tagged...and then trying to fix those can result in deselecting faces you want selected.

This could be a feature request too if there's no existing functionality for it.



Thanks to both of you! :)


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Import Custom Fonts?
 on: March 06, 2017, 10:14:58 pm 

I'm loving the built-in text tool in 2.5.1. The fonts are pretty good too, but is there a way to import my own .TTF or other fonts? I see that in the Substance Painter 2\resources\shelf\allegorithmic\procedurals\Fonts folder there are .sbsar files there. I tried placing a .TTF in there just for giggles, but that doesn't give me access to the font. Didn't think it would be hey, why not give it a shot. ;)

Can I import my own fonts for use with the Substance Painter procedural text tool?

Took me a minute to figure out how sizing worked until I realized that the text just has to fit the brush and the brush has to be scaled up, rather than the text scaling independent from the brush, as I initially expected. It's nice though because I can dynamically change the size of the text, so it's intuitive now. :) I also like how the text honors Substance Painter's fluid resolution scaling. Woot!


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Re: The studio
 on: March 06, 2017, 01:28:11 am 
Photo-real goodness! Love it.


It would be really helpful if there was an option on the 'Export textures' dialog window to combine multiple material texture sets i.e. bodypaint, chrome, plastic etc. into 1x combined set of textures on export (apologies if this already exists).

As an example I recently created a Substance Painter scene (car model) which had multiple materials assigned to it to make it easier to manage and work with the model within Painter i.e. bodypaint, chrome, black plastic etc. However each one of these materials creates its own set of textures on Export (PBRSpecGloss = Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Normal) which results in a lot of textures being created for each separate material which then need to be combined together in Photoshop to produce a final set of maps.

The car model had all of its UV's laid out on 1x texture sheet by the way.


Agreed! I just submitted this idea. I'm going through some old feature requests to see who else suggested this too. :)

Ideally, the layers for each channel (normal, roughness, etc.) would be saved in the combined PSD. This way, no work history is lost but is offloaded into Photoshop and out of Substance Painter. There would be a PSD created per channel; normal, diffuse, roughness, etc. If Substance Painter doesn't know which texture sets go with which UV set, this could easily be handled by letting users pick and choose the texture sets that they know share UV space.

Users can then save a new scene with the simpler, combined texture sets....going from the working scene with lots of texture sets (to separate objects) to the fewest needed, where only small changes are being made. Then, users can manage PSDs from there once assets are out of SubPainter.

I really really need that, to change the resolution not just for the current but for every texture set in just one click.
for example: when you need to change textures fast i work at 1K, then when i need to check the result i switch to 4K

Seconded! I've also suggested this.

Better yet, allow user configurations, much like VRAY or other renderers. One texture set resolution (for each texture set in a given scene) for painting (fast performance) and another for high-rez rendering, each configuration with custom names as-needed.

Barring this, a simple one-click way to set all to 1024 would be good, where we would then increase the resolution of areas which need to be higher-resolution whilst painting. Performance definitely takes a hit if everything is left high-resolution, but it takes time to go to each texture set (where one may have 10+) and then take everything down from high-rez back to low. The problem is, every render requires yet another change and it can take time to get through that.

So, user-configurable, scene-associated texture set resolutions would be excellent, e.g., 'working', 'render', etc.

Hey, so lets say I have a mesh with 2 materials, one for details and one for larger areas.
Thats good because when I paint on the details it wont get on the larger areas and so on.

But both these materials lie within the same uv map, so after painting on both I would like to merge them into one.

Do I have to do it manually afterwards  or any way to do it in painter.

Or maybe there is an alternative with 1 material per mesh? It would be a pain in the ass to make a mask for the details though after already having it set as  a material?

Seconded! My current scene has easily 10+ texture sets, but most of them use the same UVW space. Being able to export a combined and layered PSD (per channel) would be ideal, e.g., combined diffuse, normal, roughness, etc.

This would also let users simplify their Substance Painter scenes more often without having to manually combine everything, and new scenes could be saved if one wants to preserve work history.

Hello guys. I'm dying to see the option that allows to pack and export all channels into one single texture. I don't think this will be diffucult for you to add guys, please. Some of us are indie customers that works on illustrations and other non game softwares. Thanks for the consideration.

I just posted something like this as a new idea, though I was sure someone else had thought of it too.

Basically, I'd like a way to combine every channel into one layered PSD file for each UV set or user-selected texture sets.

Example, let's say I have a warrior with an axe and shield. The warrior is for a game, and uses one UV set for his body and armor and another UV set for the weapon and shield.

However, in Substance Painter I have 10 different texture sets for objects that I want to be able to solo or paint on without masking. Eight of those are the warrior and two are the axe and shield.

I should be able to selected texture sets 1-8 and export all of those channels into a combined PSD per channel, e.g., diffuse, normal, roughness, emissive, etc. Each should combine and export one PSD, ideally with layers.

This also allows artists to simplify characters down to the least texture sets in another Substance Painter scene for faster performance, especially as objects are finalized. Of course, this would come in handy for anyone exporting for games or rendering in other engines. This would prevent all the work of having to combine all of the different channels manually.

Would be great to add new or additional geo into painter scene. And if it nesesery, abilitiy to reload only part of geo.
As in Marmoset.
Also  possibility to import a camera. And ability to freeze the camera position.

Yeah the ability to add new objects would be great, without having to re-import everything. Thankfully, Substance Painter remembers the texture connections. ;)

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