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Substance Integrations - MODO - MOdo plugin not working
 on: March 07, 2019, 09:38:46 pm 
Hi Guys,

So I've just installed Modo 12 on 2 machines, one at home and one at work.
The install at work went fine and I was able to install the Substance plugin, no problem.
Unfortunately the install at home isn't working. The Substance kit said it installed the LPK ok but it's just not visible in my kit UI or in the kit menu.
I've tried rolling back 3 versions of Modo but the problem still remains. I've tried dropping the Substance folder into the kits folder directly too but no joy.

Currently running 12.0V1 on both machines and have tried all subsequent versions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It's probably a really great feature to be able to change your UV's after having textured your model, but I think it would be more useful to be able to change the mesh itself and rely on static UV's to keep the texture work in the right place. Please let us either stick strokes to UV's when we change the mesh, or else bake down/rasterise the strokes.

For what it's worth, when I went through the process again of adding a new mesh with a new textureset to my .fbx, I noticed that the checkbox for preserving strokes is greyed out. I can't enable that until the original textureset is already broken.

Well I tried again to fix this last night and it stays broken. No UV or transforms have been changed, the only difference is new meshes in the .fbx. From now on I will use obj's instead of fbx's!

OK that makes sense. Is it safe to say you can't reliably add objects to your .fbx once you've started working then? Presumably adding the mesh for the second textureset threw the bounding box off.

The checkbox about preserving stroke positions didn't seem to help, but is it designed for situations like this?

Thanks for your help

I'm afraid I can't really provide the meshes. But from what you say it seems it must be something I've done. Can you tell me of anything other than UV changes that would cause painted strokes to move? For instance painted stitching will move a few cm in one direction, or will all accumulate on random points of the model.

Thanks for the response. There are no changes in the UV's. If there were, the image maps and masks would change. There are also no scaling inconsistencies. I think the fact that everything displays correctly when the .fbx is freshly imported, and only breaks when I switch to the first textureset, suggests a bug in the software.


Apologies if this problem has come up before but searching didn't yield any results. I was working happily away on a project with one textureset. Reimporting the .fbx with extra meshes never caused any problems, nor did importing high poly meshes for baking.

Then after a while I decided to add another mesh with a separate textureset to the project. I reimported the .fbx, now containing more meshes all with a different material. Again, there were no problems. After working in that textureset for a while, and with everything from both texturesets displaying correctly, I switched back to the original textureset, and all my painted strokes, such as in masks, moved out of position.

Reimporting the .fbx fixes the displayed painting, but also switches back to the second textureset. As soon as I click the original textureset, the problem comes back.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug? I feel like I should be able to achieve what I want because the whole mesh, both texturesets, display correctly until I click to start editing the original textureset. Only painted strokes are affected, not images. The UV's have not changed.


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