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I agree with the other posters, not good news.

I use Illustrator, indesign and Photoshop for my day job. Its expensive and innovation is stale.

Back in the day when you could buy Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop for less that a copy of Quark express, Adobe cornered the market and offers amazing products at a fair price. Since subscription, the innovation is lacking and the bugs have increased. It also seems that I have been waiting for 15 years to run these apps on multiple cores. Adobe have got greedy and lazy.

Create a texture set per UDIM tile Is not working on some meshes. I am exporting a low res fbx from modo and loading it into SP, all seems to work. I get the UDIM numbers as texture sets and I can bake maps (using the same low res mesh as a target).

Now, when I subdivide the same mesh in modo, freeze subdivisions and export a fresh fbx file, SP refuses to load the fbx with UDIM numbers, instead it uses the midi material names as the texture sets. Now when I try and bake the maps they are all coming out black.

Any one else had this problem?

I have just updated to Substance painter 2018 and I can't bake my maps. I'm exporting FBX from modo (merged mesh with dim uv's) and using the same mesh as my high res in the bake window. This has always worked before but it now I get a grey material and a warning log:

Not enough data in the high poly to use selected baker. Aborting bake.

I split the model in modo and exported a single mesh as FBX it works fine. Any ideas?



Hi, I know it's an old thread but I'm also interested in a stand alone web viewer for my clients. I use substance painter for product visualisation and I currently export to marmoset and upload a .mviewer file to a website. It's a bit long winded and the compression on the files is too much for my taste. I want to be able to share what I am seeing in the substance painter 3D view and allow the client to zoom in and out and spin the HDRI (like sketchfab and marmoset). Wes, when you said something is in the pipeline, were you only referring to the Iray render function? It would be a dream to hit a button in substance painter and export a textured model with hdri in a web friendly format.


OK, Thanks for your reply.

Wow, that works. I didn't know the resource updater could update masks!

On the same subject, is there a way of quickly re-linking external resources that are edited outside of Substance painter?

Is there a way of quickly updating bitmap masks, for example, it the mask is edited in photoshop and re-imported into painter?

If not, is there a way of adding textures to the mask editor generator and keeping the UV settings? If I manually add a B/W image that has been matched to the mesh's UVs as a bitmap mask it positions correctly. If I drag the same B/W image into mask editor texture channel, it ignores all UV information and places the image in the wrong place.


Thanks Wes, that solved it!

I had no idea you could could export multiple mesh items as a single FBX. I also realised that I had multiple UV maps assigned per mesh item so deleted the ones I didn't need.

All now loading correctly in Substance Painter, generating texture sets seeing all UV's from MODO.

Thanks again.


Hi Wes, I have 4 original meshes each assigned a separate, single UV map and material. I have then merged them into one mesh (using merge meshes) to export as an fbx. Is this the wrong way of going about it?

Hi, Does anyone have a work around for getting a mesh out of MODO with multiple UV maps for Substance Painter?

Reading the forums it seems that there is a problem with MODO's fbx export. Substance Painter is reading the MODO materials and creating the correct texture sets but it only sees one UV map (I have 4 assigned in MODO with different names).

MODO 10 is pushing the new FBX export but I still can't get it to work. Any ideas?


Thanks Wes, I'll have a play with the AA settings. Im pretty happy with the results I'm now getting.



OK, I think I have got it working.

I exported as PBR MetalRough from substance painter and loaded the resulting maps into MODO. I have set all my settings in the Unreal shader to 100% (don't know if that is correct). I'm now getting a render that is pretty close to the substance painter preview.

The MODO render is a bit softer. I'm guessing this is a result of MODOs antialiasing? Does anyone have a suggestion of what setting I should be looking at to correct this?



Hi Wes,

A couple of further questions. I have uploaded a screen shot of what I see in painter and what I'm getting in MODO.

I’m losing a lot of detail and the highlights are getting blown out in MODO.

I am exporting using the “Unreal Engine 4 (Packed) preset, using PNG 16bit and a 4k image. Is this the one you meant? If so, I’m not sure if I plug the RoughnessMetalic map into the Unreal Metallic or the Unreal Roughness effect in MODO.

Do I also need to adjust the settings for the shader itself in MODO or should it pick up the settings that I applied in Substance Painter automatically?



Thank's Wes, I'll give that a try and report back.

Your tutorial videos have got me up and running in Substance painter. Everything is really well explained so thanks for that.



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