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Oh my God, people!! The level of toxicity in this thread is insane!

Please stop with the name calling and bullying. It is this exact behaviour why companies stop caring about indie artists and only concentrate on Enterprise users. You all say the company doesn't care about you, but after this display of callous behaviour, I don't blame them.

Please take a step back and reflect upon your behaviour and try to put yourself in their shoes. They are real people who have friends and family reading these posts and they have done nothing to deserve this kind of hate.

Like a lot of them have said, "NOTHING HAS CHANGED AS OF NOW!"

Stop acting like the sky is falling. Nothing has been announced in terms of pricing, licensing, etc.

Please stop saying they are sellouts. It is their product. Their company. They have the full right to decide what to do with it.

Every single one of us would probably do the same if presented with the opportunity to grow in terms of cash inflow, research and development and still having operational control.

Every studio that I have worked for has Creative Cloud built into the pipeline. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. So, it's sensible to bring Substance under that umbrella.

Yes, when I read the subject line of the email sent to us, even I said, "Oh No!" because it created an atmosphere of uncertainty for the software that I love dearly. And uncertainty is never fun. But, again, I refrained from lashing out like most people in this thread cos nothing has changed for now and I am still continuing to use Substance like before. And bullying, name calling has never solved anything in the history of everything.

I agree if tomorrow they decide to completely change how Substance is offered to the people and jack up the prices, I will be upset too but again, It's their product/service. No one is forcing me to pay up. Its my choice. I was texturing just fine before Substance and I can go back to my old ways.

Voicing criticism is completely within your rights as a paying/future customer but mob-mentality / trolling is not.

At a time of change, the people at Allegorithmic needed your support but you all let them down.

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