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And what do you think of this scenario ?

- The substance products are not really general public.
- The people who have the usefulness of these products are rather specialists. And as such they all know about  Allegoritmic.
- so I doubt very much that integration with CC will bring in quantities of new users.
- It is even likely that the number of licenses will fall.

What do you think adobe will do ?

1 finance Allegorithmic in order to "rock" the 3D world.

2 reduce the number of employees in order to maintain profitability.

A "Peter Jackson Moment" worth everything!

Has enyone seen Anakin and Allegorithmic CEO in the same room yet?

Shhh! Do not disturb him!!! He has a Peter Jackson moment now!  8)


Time to learn Mari.

Can't afford $2000 for that. Yikes.

And what? We pay for a software not becouse we can not pirate it down in 10 sec, we pay for it becouse we wanna support it's developmant, becouse we TRUST in their development team, becouse we TRUST  in their leadership, becouse WE TRUST IN THEIR DECISIONS.
The relationship between a software company and thie community is the most important factor of their business imo.

I have friends that has huge software parks and they pay the most as donation to Blender : thats how it works.

Their new MASTERS already made a post how it will be (you know the MASTERS are allowed to speak not like their servants) :

"We’re committed to ensuring that Creative Cloud customers have the tools they need to shape their creative vision in a future in which 3D content is increasingly important."
So it will be in CC.


Our current license scheme doesn't change, futur plans will be announced at some point but we will keep it fair.

How can you believe even for a sec that the wording "we will keep it fair" would make anyone confortable right now.

You really did not expected this reaction? You had no clue what is comming after this anoncement?
Do not tell me guys, that you do not have a communication team...

"will be fair".. lol  < what we should "imagine" here? How you palned it?

Give us PS + give us illustrator + AI + Adobe Portfolio till our existing substance subscription - that would be the minimum to keep the community together.

So it's good for us, for existing subscribers or we can hope that it will be "fair"?

So many questions.. like Adobe do not have Indi subs, how they will convert indi and non indi subs due to substance???
What will happen with Alchemy? To separate content into Alchemy was the part of the master plan with Adobe right? So basicaly soon Alchemy will have "everything" and we will be able to subscribe to it true CC and we can eat our Substance perma licenses? Thats the plan right?

Dear Adobe!
I can not find the mail that has the link to my free Adobe Portfolio page. Probablly it's lost on the way.
As an Adobe subscriber I sincerely ask you to resend me the link.

Best regards!

As I see your logo, you are an "An Adobe Company" from now, so as an Adobe company could you please soothe, prove and secure but fast as lightning since if we take a look on your forums I see some great scare and confusion. (but not a marginal one)

Share concrete informations please. And not in the next few month, but like tonight... it do not seems like as 3 trolls are lurking on your forums and they wanna make some rather seems that you will lose your community and their support in a week by releasing foggy answers like "As we join the Adobe family, we will also unveil new and more flexible subscription offers in the coming months"

I'm totally socked, but I would like to see the bright side of your move, but for that you realy need to release concrete informations. (And I do not think that you have days)

What will happen with the ppl who bought Substance Indi due to it's perma license option?

It's even hard to imagine the power of that uber huge s"th storm that will arrive if that part will turn out nasty.

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