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I made Video that show whats going on :)

As Example i used this Material: but problem is with every *.sbsar file.

Hey, i have weird bug.

I try to import Materials from Substance Share (Monthly Drops) via drag & drop into Material tab "Import to the shelf" (NOT TO CURRENT SESSION) everything works ok until i close application. They are gone.

So i tried to copy them into folder inside C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\materials. Substance Painter don't see them. So i lunched Painter as Administrator - now he see it (even after next launch with out admin rights) But with Admin rights i can't drag & drop directly into Substance Material tab (Mouse have this no sign, and not allow me to drop it)

Added Logs if this help.

PS: I have no problem with Importing HDRI maps & smart materials - no matter how i do this. Seems like only materials issue.

Edit: I use Substance Painter, version 2.0.1
Build 1105 - de8687d99f2c92cbfffff2600d26eea7735e9afc

Edit2: My Substance Painter folder was marked as "Read only" so tried to change it, but each time is going back to "Read only" Maybe this is the issue?


I see there is a lot of new cool stuff inside Textures tab. Whats exactly proper way to use it?

There is a "Tool" that contain them? Or should i just place them into "Normal" channel in Material?

Before i always use things like this as Alpha in Height Channel.

Hey guys,

you will get a free Moodpack with a value of $49 when purchasing Substance Painter 2 before April 15th. You can read it here:
I'm not sure, though, if you'll be able to choose the one you like or if you just get one.

Best Regards

Thanks for info :)

Keep in mind you are getting a store credit for a 50 dollar mood pack.

I so think of it as spending 21.00 for a 50 mood pack
What mood pack are we talking about here exactly?

I want to ask same, i have no idea whats going on. BTW: I have Indie version if it makes difference.

Okey, Thanks Wes :)


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Wireframe and Beauty Shots
 on: November 28, 2014, 09:58:44 am 

I figured out how to enable Wireframe on my model while doing some post processing but is there a option to change color? Yellow one don't looks good on my current model. Also, only option to save it is via Print Screen?

Thanks for answers, will try to experiment with dynamic material and Blueprints - at this moment don't see any other and easier way :(


I created my own substance that I can easy use in few places. I exposed all settings that are needed to make my textures unique, but any changes are updated on all meshes I added material.

Do I need to import same Substance file again & change name then use other settings and apply to my mesh? Or there is any other and better way to achieve that.

Cheers & sorry for poor English.

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