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I'm kinda late to the party, but Parallax Occlusion Mapping has been added to UE4 so you can show depth properly.
Here is a tutorial

Thanks guys, I hope I'll polish it to even better state!
The vibe I'm getting is mirrors edge meets portal.
o_o Hawkeye. My reference folder for this project contains only art/screenshots from these 2 games :D

Heys guys, I'm building playable level for my SuperGrid project and so far every texture was created in Substance Designer, I thought you may like it!
Check out gallery for high res screenshots, because resizing is really killing the quality >_>

Very nice indeed  :)

Nice thread, I hope at some point SVG node will updated!
My current workflow with UE4:
  • Master file with layers in Photoshop
  • Each layer saved separately in file that linked to Substance Designer
  • Basic beveling, normal blending and combining
  • Auto-export outputs. Auto reimport in UE4
This allows me to change shapes however I want in Photoshop and get immediate result in UE4, same if I want to tweak bevel profiles. Also it makes me really happy when I change some little stuff in PS and get update in game viewport :)

It was possible to create nice animation with modifying SD parameters, but with new Pixel Processor and Vector Warp you can create awesome animated textures for clouds, smoke and etc
Would be very cool to have ability to export set of images based on animated parameters!

Hey guys!
I initially bought SD indie in steam a long time go and then connected it to Allegorithmic website.
Now I've pre-order-upgraded my SD indie to 5.0 version, will this purchase be active on my steam version? If answer is yes - update will hit at the same time as non-steam version or with some delay?

Hey guys, I've noticed that normal map in Painter and Designer is not synced and displayed differently. It's not a big deal, because in UE4 it looks corretly, but is it going to be fixed soon?

It would be a nice addition to libraries. Right now it could get a little bit messy, without any sort of categories

I believe there is different workflow for normal map painting.
Create a fill layer with normal map instead of applying normal map in Additional map and then normal layer would work how expected

Wow, this is beautiful, thanks for reply!

I think we can admit that usually our model by default have normal map and almost every Substance FX require Curvature map, which generated from normal map.
However, I have to open my SD to generate curvature and then import into SP additional map, which a little bit infuriating, because I don't plan to use SD for particular model and I have to create default project, generate maps from normal maps and then delete useless project in SD.
I don't think this is the optimal way. Why SP just can't generate all this maps from normal?

Transformation2d -> Specific Parameters -> Stretch
This option responsible for tiling
100% = 1
200% = 2
and so on.

Turn off "Seams Enable" when baking curvature for grunge

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