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I created a Substance that utillises the TriPlanar Mapping node.
In Designer it seems to work, but when I try to use it in the current version of painter, the texture that should be mapped (the baked Position/WorldPosition maps are linked correctly), get's positioned correctly but is highly pixelated and doesn't change if I change any settings in the chain.

Is there something to change in the graph or painter to remove this? I attached the graph to this post.


Hello everyone,

I've been toying around with Substance Designer 4.6.1 and come to a strange malefunction.
It happens when I try to bake a normal map from a mesh.
I'll state the single steps, maybe someone can reproduce the error or come up with a fix.

1. I select the mesh and go to the baking options (attached image: bake_01.png).
2. After adding a normal from mesh pass, the bake window resizes and now I can't reach the options at the bottom nor the "OK" button. (bake_02.png). The window itself doesn't allow me to resize it in the y direction, just x is possible.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Happend to me after trying out working on my laptop, haven't got the problem on my desktop workstation. (Laptop: Lenovo Y570, GeForce 555M, 8gb Ram, Win 7 Prof. 64 bit, screen resolution: 1280x768; Windows taskbar is set to hide automatically)

Thanks a lot.

PS: Is there any update on the release of 8k texture support in Substance Painter/Designer? I mostly work on Software Rendering in Maya, so a higher resolution would be nice.

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