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Of course as a single customer I can't speak for the reasoning behind the decision, but I am saddened by it.  I've really grown to enjoy using Substance Painter .... and actually can't imagine NOT using it as it's sped up my workflow so much.  However, if Allegorithmic goes down the Adobe parasitic subscription road (with no perpetual licensing), I will likely move on to something else - perhaps Mari - as I refuse to *rent* software.

I hope that Allegorithmic understands that many of us in the community have been around long enough to see larger companies buy software either to abandon/sit on it, kill it outright, ruin it with bloat, or make the licensing/prices go from reasonable to onerous .... so the tremendous lack of trust isn't unwarranted. 

This reminds me very much of how I felt when I heard that my beloved Softimage was bought by Autodesk .... who SWORE they didn't buy it to kill it ... and we all know how that turned out ....

Hey Wes,

Thanks for the video - while the workflow is still pretty labor intensive, I did pick up another couple of tips from it :) 

As far as merging the textures:  I didn't know that textures could be exported with alpha (transparency) - this is very helpful.  I don't think I'd use the Substance Player - but - I will use the "Load Layers into Stack" script that ships with Photoshop.  In THEORY I should be able to just load a particular set of textures (e.g. all the normals) and just flatten the stack and export.  I'll have to see if there are any gotcha's in that way of working.

Again, thanks for the video - and keep those devs working on that texture merging.  Being able to shut off sections of a model by material is really really useful - so it would be great to just have SP export one map per channel per object ;)

(Kind of related to my last post but I felt should be covered separately)

Again, I have two FBX files - a high and low resolution version of the same model - each containing 5 separate objects (or Sub-Objects) with sub-objects named appropriately (e.g. Sword_Hi in the hi-rez FBX and Sword_Lo in the lo-rez FBX, etc). 

The issue I run into is that overlapping geometry is considered in texture baking, and I would like it to NOT be considered.  For example, when baking out the normal map and AO for say, the Sword (comparing Sword_hi and Sword_lo in the two FBX files) is it possible to exclude consideration of other parts - like straps and clothing that might be sitting on top of (or interpenetrating) the sword?  I can't seem to find an option that allows for that....

I'm starting to think that sub-objects are a no-no in Substance Painter ... hmmmm

Thanks for any help ;)

OK - I've been slogging through videos and posts trying to find an answer to this - so I apologize if this has been covered and I just couldn't find it:

Is there a way to export maps on a per-object basis and not by material

For example, I have an FBX file that consists of 5 objects.  Each of those objects has clusters on them with materials assigned in Softimage - so an example would be the sword is a separate object with materials (clusters) for blade, handle, guard and pommel, but all of them sharing the same UV map.  I like that when I bring the FBX into Substance Painter, I can easily work on each material separately, but when I go to export maps, I get a whole bunch of individual maps (with small sections being used) based on the material instead of one map (per output) for the entire object and all materials it contains.  I can go through and combine the maps in Photoshop, but it seems like a basic function to be able to somehow check a box that says "export maps by object" - or maybe I'm missing the point? lol.  I suppose part of what's at issue is that this particular model is more for beauty renders and not for game use (yet).

If this isn't possible, right now, would that be a reasonable feature request?

Thanks for any help :)

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