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We obviously cannot say much yet, and today the only thing we can say is that if you trusted us in the past, please trust us, even just a little bit, when we say we feel it's the best chance to go on improving the 3d world. And we will prove you why we did this.

With all the respect: you can't be serious, right?

This is Adobe we are talking about, it's not that they became what they are by being nice to people or their costumers. They care about money and shareholders, period.

How it's even possible someone of you expect the community to trust something like this, it's ridiculous.

As we said, Adobe has been an investor in Allegorithmic for 2 years, and a member of the board. So every major decisions that happened in the last years (all new products, hires, etc.), Adobe was part of it.
If you don't trust that's fine, we will just show you with actions why we did this. In the meantime anyway nothing changes ;)

As you previously and personally helped me with licensing matters, I can only take your word for it.
I can however vouch for the fact you didn't let me down then and everything was handled smoothly.

Pretty sure most of us already rock the CC suite, just don't forget us indies out there, we're argus-eying the situation.

Haha Wes is definitely staying in the team, as is everybody else.

As much as this news was a blow, I'm happy to read this. Wes has been a pillar for the community.
Despite the announcements, we will still continue to use the perpetual licenses, but I personally will stop recommending the toolset because no longer can I guarantee others about its benefits in the long run. (except for being groundbreaking software, don't get me wrong)
It's just hard to believe Adobe will go out of their way to ensure licensing compatibility with Allegorithmics' offers.

If by wonder you guys do manage to sort everything out with Adobe and ensure a 1:1 integration, my faith will be restored.
It's like someone said earlier:

Adobe I have to pay.
Allegorithmic I want to pay.

Impatiently awaiting an update on the matter.

Incredibly bad decision imo.

The first blow came with the subscriptions being overhauled and 'nothing would change', which was a lie.

Cancelling my active subscriptions right away and moving to the competition, let's see where this shitstorm goes.

Hope you made a quick buck selling Sébastien, and the stupid medium post you made is unavailable as well (I am talking about the mail that got distributed, at least get it right...).


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