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I cannot find a downloadable hardwood floor design that will actually download on Source. I've tried probably 10x of them and none will download. Is this a problem for anyone else? Is it my antivirus/firewall?

Adobe technical support doesn't even know the name Substance. All they ask is which version of Photoshop I am having problems with repeatedly, even though I explained that Adobe owns Substance.

So I export sbsar->vray textured model into a fbx format and it comes out grey when imported. I know I could plug in jpgs into standard texture but is there a way to use substance to export texture baked models?

I have to open Substance Alchemist in order to get a preview of the texture I want. I use vray if that helps at all. Also, I have the 3ds max asset library. None of these are helping me get a preview of what a texture looks like. I am going off Sand_002, Bark_007, Lava_012. This info is just about useless. There should be a preview option for explorer as well, just as you can preview a jpg(as most textures are).

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