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I baked a normal map in addition to the height map and plugged that into normal. Works great!

Here you go.


Ok, finally the upload worked. This is the result of the texture BUT I could not figure out how to get a preview of the texture in Designer. I tried high and low poly planes and nothing updated. I tried setting tessellation and scale as well.

Thanks so much for bearing with me. I had to re-read the description a lot but I think I understand now. I would post a screenshot but they have stopped uploading for the past few days. But my height map looks just like yours.

I actually didn't save it because what I made was useless but I can try and recreate what I made. I can describe it. I made a pyramid in 3ds max, fbx'ed it, drug it into designer in the top left tree window under graph, right clicked it and went to bake as texture, past that I think I started messing up with the high and low maps. I am only after a height map so I don't know if I even need a low map. I don't fully understand the difference except for maybe use with level of detail at different distances from the camera in game engines. But I think that part is where I need help from. If you want me to try and reproduce what I did I can.

I am having some problems with your tutorial. I am trying to bake a pyramid texture to make an array of metal spikes texture  that I saw on a traditional Japanese teapot. The problem is my height map is more like static than a slope of a pyramid. Also, I don't see a graph node option. It isn't even an option by pressing space bar and searching. I drug the height map into the work area and it came as a bitmap. I don't know if that matters. At the end of the day I have a high res plane and it has zero distortion to it. I have had bugs happen to me in the past that somehow worked themselves out as I continued but the height map is there. It just doesn't do anything.

I am trying to upload two pictures but the second one will not upload so this is what I've got.

Wow, that is great. Thanks for doing that.

I wasn't using the site. I was using the app Substance Launcher.

The substance names are not accurate usually. You download a file named for example Raw Grey Concrete and then the actual sbsar file is named Concrete_Raw_Grey.sbsar.


I cannot find a downloadable hardwood floor design that will actually download on Source. I've tried probably 10x of them and none will download. Is this a problem for anyone else? Is it my antivirus/firewall?

Adobe technical support doesn't even know the name Substance. All they ask is which version of Photoshop I am having problems with repeatedly, even though I explained that Adobe owns Substance.

So I export sbsar->vray textured model into a fbx format and it comes out grey when imported. I know I could plug in jpgs into standard texture but is there a way to use substance to export texture baked models?

I am interested in this as well but your explanation was very brief. Can you go into detail of the exact steps? I don't know how to import a 3d model into designer to then convert to a height map.

I have to open Substance Alchemist in order to get a preview of the texture I want. I use vray if that helps at all. Also, I have the 3ds max asset library. None of these are helping me get a preview of what a texture looks like. I am going off Sand_002, Bark_007, Lava_012. This info is just about useless. There should be a preview option for explorer as well, just as you can preview a jpg(as most textures are).

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