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downloaded my first glass material from substance source:

and imported with the substance plugin for ue4.26 installed.
on applying the material to my geo in ue there is no opacity to it. So i check the instance material and look for opacity/transparency parameter to tweak..however there is none..

So what gives?;) since when does glass not let light through!;)

Im aware that in Substance Painter you need to use a particular shader model if creating your shader from scratch but I would have thought the source glass materials would come ready...

If someone could point m,e to/or explain the process to get glass materials to be like glass via sbar import using the substance plugin for UE4 that would be great.



firstly just to say I am also posting in allegorithmics surface Painter forum as this could well be an issue on their side.

But. using a OcclusionRougnessMetallic texture in the fashion as documented here [where the texture is non RGB [i.e linear] and Occlusion = R, Metallic = B and ROughness = G]:

I get the following visual artifacts on my shader as per attached.

IS there something I have missed? from The shader preview and viewport views it seems that this texture [the linear one] is somehow creating these visible artefacts
but I have no idea why..

Any help would be much appreciated.



really new to substance and exporting uv'd models for substance [and then hopefully unreal] but what am I missing here.

I UV my asset, giving different material IDs for the materials that come in ok, and then I bake maps but on adding one fill layer and then a standard on top i find it nearly impossible to paint the asset[on the standard layer with a brush] and when it does it creates the effect as in the attached image as if it is painting on each uv square...

to note: only seems to paint when the brush size is large and when i hit a sweet spot on the mesh..

can anyone help with what i am missing/overlooking?


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