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I've encountered a really painful bug with a material coming from Source. I created a Corona material using this SBSAR file, tweaking saturation and luminosity directly in the Substance material. So far so good BUT after a night rendering multiple images, I've discovered that the Substance material had reset itself to the initial state - without tweaked saturation and luminosity !!! I have to reload the SBSAR and tweak again to get the result I want ... but when I submitt to network rendering, since max file is opened again, the material resets itself again :( :(
Really, the more I use it, the more I think Substance integration is s**t: bugs, performance, reliability, are not there so far.

Any chance to fix this quickly, please ? without a fix, using Substance in production is a no-go for me. I work on 3dsmax 2021.3 and Susbtance plugin v2.4.2.

Thank you for the attention you'll pay to this help request.


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