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I can take a look at it. What are you using for network rendering right now?

For network rendering, you might need to use bitmaps for now.

I tried with BackBurner and Pulze Render Manager, but it's irrelevant IMHO. Closing the scene and reopening it is enough to get the problem, locally, without any network rendering involved.

If you plan to use Substance textures in an external DCC application, the best option is to export the Substance file to bitmaps using Substance Player.

Thanks for this suggestion, that's what I suspected (apart still getting no feedback from Substance team ...). But that's not the workflow I expected when I subscribed to Substance :( :(

Yup, that would definitely be a great addition, workflow wise ...

Good morning,

Any answer, please ? any chance to get Substance working with 3dsmax 2021, so that I have the feeling to pay Substance to be able to use it ?

Thanks in advance,


The issues with values not updating Corona are a WIP and are set for a further release on top of this one.

Hi Galen - it is a shame you guys are not treating this as a priority! this is making the plugin connecting with 3ds max simply not usable. I only work with 3ds max so basically, for me, I'm paying for a yearly subscription that I'm not using. Not cool at all!
Same feeling here ... Substance in 3dsmax is not usable !!


I've encountered a really painful bug with a material coming from Source. I created a Corona material using this SBSAR file, tweaking saturation and luminosity directly in the Substance material. So far so good BUT after a night rendering multiple images, I've discovered that the Substance material had reset itself to the initial state - without tweaked saturation and luminosity !!! I have to reload the SBSAR and tweak again to get the result I want ... but when I submitt to network rendering, since max file is opened again, the material resets itself again :( :(
Really, the more I use it, the more I think Substance integration is s**t: bugs, performance, reliability, are not there so far.

Any chance to fix this quickly, please ? without a fix, using Substance in production is a no-go for me. I work on 3dsmax 2021.3 and Susbtance plugin v2.4.2.

Thank you for the attention you'll pay to this help request.


Hello Galen,

I join this conversation, because Rowan created this thread following to a post I did on Corona's forums. A Corona user has just informed me the new Sustance plugin version was out, so I installed it right away. Unfortunately, it seems somehow broken here ... in Substance Settings :

- Memory Budget and CPU Cores Limit don't show any number;
- clicking Open Dialog for Renderer Compatibility doesn't seem to do anything :(
- clicking on Apply and Cancel buttons doesn't see m to do anything neither
- the only way to close Substance Settings window is to click on little X on the top right

Enclosed a screenshot of what I get (3dsmax2020.3)

Thank you.

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