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Exactly what I wanted, thanks bud

I made a smart mask but some of the information isn't getting to all the nooks and crannies I want. I've tried adjusting sliders to fill out that area but then it undoes what I like in the other areas.

Is there a way to manually paint in some of the crevices on a smart mask or edge MG Mask Builder? Or are those only editable through procedural sliders?

Hah, rookie mistake. It looks like base color wasn't showing my color info at all but by adding a diffuse map I got it back. Thanks man

I'm working for a company that uses spec/gloss over metallic/roughness. Set up my shader, added my spec/gloss maps, but it appears that when I add materials and smart materials I can't get them to show the base color in material preview. It works in base color solo mode, but not material.

How do I toggle the visibility?

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