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It took me unreasonable amount of time to figure what's wrong and in a hindsight I think the defaults could be much better.

The Substance_Basic_Template material (others too, actually) has the AO set to default_color, which means that if your material instance doesn't override AO you'll get all kinds of issues with ambient lighting as your surface is totally in a shade.

I'm not sure Substance Graph Instances can even export AO as that's supposedly mesh-specific. If anything, there's no AO in all seven SBSARs I grabbed from the substance source this week.

My expectation from a substance integration was that it allowed me to be quick and dirty – pull  a material from source, tweak a couple sliders and stretch it over my mesh. Practically speaking it's always broken because you need to come up with an AO texture at all times – be it a pure white one or a custom one baked in e.g. painter.

I consider that the default should be changed to always white, treating the mesh as having no AO by default. That sounds much more sensible.

@Vladimir Pouzanov 0 ,

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll pass it along to the team. In the meantime, with the new plugin you can also make your own templates if you wanted to set this material up yourself. :)

How can I add my own template and let it know to use this one?

Other than the image with Artstation link I guess you can make them with Tile Generator it has all the options that will aid you to make them.

Thanks Pawnswizard,
I had tried that option but after you said I went again to that node and searched for options finally found that center orientation needs to be true. Thanks again :D !!

Also any idea for how to get consecutive circles with that node ?

Hello guys I am new here and I had a question also this is my first time posting here so pardon me if I did anything wrong.
So my question is that I was interested in learning ways to create circular brick/pattern in Substance Designer any hints or suggest would do great since I have hit a wall at the moment.

Maybe something like this >

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