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I'm interested about the topic.
I did everything mentioned, exported out of 3dsmax an fbx with uv tiles.
In painter, they are recognized but, when I bake, the texture sets that are not on 0,0 tile (the basic one) don't bake properly and come out black or very dark and are unusable.
Did I forget something?
Thank you.

Just bumping, is there any update on this feature?
I still can't find how to cycle through blend modes quickly in SP 2017.1, very cumbersome...

Just bumping, is there any update on this feature?
I still can't find how to cycle through blend modes quickly in SP 2017.1, very cumbersome...

Thank you for the info  :)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Viewport orbit in SP2
 on: July 11, 2016, 09:54:13 am 
In previous versions, horizon was locked, but noe, viewport orbit seems to have been changed to a free/all axis rotation, which is very disturbing for me.
I didn't find any option to lock on one axis to have to horizon locked.
Is there any solution?

Is 6gb enough vram?
8k is missing here as well.
If yes then, is 8k export missing because the scene already takes all the 6gb (or almost)?
Or what should we do?

I just tested on a small scene with lowres document size and bake texture.
Only 1gb ram is used on my gtx780 6gb.
8k export still missing.

I guess I have too much vram, am I right?

I also use photoshop and cycle through blend modes that way,and the reflex I had is to try this in SP and I'm sure it didn't work.
Maybe I did something wrong and I should try again.
Thank you for your answer.

I want to know if there is a keyboard shortcut for cycling through blend modes, because having to click for the dropdown menu, then choose the blend mode each time we want to preview one of them is very cumbersome, especially because we always to preview a dozen of blend modes before choosing the right one,
This slows down the look dev dramatically.
Thank you in advance

I tried this method, say for curvature map, and it works until I export the baked map, then the image is blank, nothing is rendered (while it is visible in SP viewport).

Ok, thank you for this.

I have a bunch of objects, each one having its own texture set.
I would like to know if it's possible to bake all of them in one operation, because it's slowing down the work by having to click and wait for each object texture set to finish and then do the next, and so on, especially if you have a lot of texture sets.

Thank you for your support.
But the problem is that I deleted all the sbar's off the shelf, SP was just unusable.
For the moment, in my case, having a big library of custom materials is banned.

Sorry for the noob question, but how do we install these meshes in sp? And how can we beneficiate from them?

For me, yes, I see the folder, but it doesn't really speed up the process, I'd say it's better than the first time, but still very slow to generate, like for robert, (and the big problem is that it's at each startup)

Thank you for answering.
I installed  SP in C:\ and I'm actually using the default folder (I guess): C:\users\my name\My Documents\Substance Painter\shelf\materials
It actually was in read-only, but, even after setting up to read-write, it didn't solve the issue and the previews are still generated at each startup.
Any thoughts?

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