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while evaluating the SD5 demo I run into the problem of banding artifacts in 3dsMax.
The Substance originally contained a 'Normal'-node (high-map to normal), but meanwhile I have a very simple test-setup:

The test-substance (set to 16 bit) contains only one image-input-node (also set to 16 bits) that is directly connected to diffuse and normal outputs, kind of a pass-through setup.
Now in Max I'm feeding a 16-bit-image into the substance. The result in viewport and rendering it looks like the 16bit-image is converted into 8bit (with the result of strong banding).

My question, are Substances always 8bit in 3dsMax or do they support 16bit as well ?

Hi there,
I'm doing the first steps in Designer and found a point that I don't understand.

The goal: I want to make a black-white-pattern by using FX-Map and some randomized Quadrants.
If I setup a Quadrant and choose 'Disc' as shape, the disc appears white - but when feeding it into a second Quadrant, the color (or alpha) changes to grey.

You can see this color-change in the tutorial here

The problem is, after randomizing the pattern, I get a mix of grey discs and white overlap-areas as shown in the attached picture.
Can someone please explain why the discs change from white (since they are set as white without alpha) to grey as soon as they get connected to a second Quadrant ?
Tried to change the alpha-settings in both Quadrants, searched the forum, but no luck so far.
Thank you.

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