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Substance in Unreal
Now available on the UE4 Marketplace


Substance Engine v 8.0.3 support
Substance Source action now accesses the Source tab within the Substance Launcher allowing assets to be sent directly to UE4
Reduced number of Substance materials processed at a time when upgrading project versions


UE4 crashes on Mac when closing the Editor with the UE4 Substance plugin installed
Changing the text parameter in a Substance Graph Instance causes a freeze and eventual crash


Substance Source workflow explained in documentation here:

- The Source button in UE4 will now open the Substance Launcher Source tab allowing for downloading and creation of Substance materials using the Send-To workflow currently implemented in some of the other Substance integrations. This functions relatively the same way as it did before where the plugin would open a Source window.
- The new Substance Source functionality is currently only available for 4.26 versions of the plugin. A fix for 4.25 will be released at a later time.

The workflow would be:
- Click on Source tab in UE4.
- The Substance Launcher would open to the Source tab. (Note: If the Substance Launcher is not installed, the Source tab will open to a link for the Substance Launcher download on the Substance3D website.)
- You can then browse the Substance Source catalogue. You can download to the desktop, or if you have UE4 open, a UE4 icon will appear when you hover over a Substance material. Clicking this will send the downloaded Substance Material to UE4 for you and create a UE4 asset/material.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns/issues with the plugin, please post below and we will help! :)

Hey everyone,

For those still using Houdini 16.0, here are the Houdini 16.0 Substance plugin installation files for Windows, Mac, and Linux.




Please let me know if there are any issues. Thank you. :)


Substance Integrations - Houdini - Houdini 16.5 Plugin Update
 on: November 29, 2017, 08:38:58 pm 
Hey everyone,

We have updated the Houdini plugin on the website. It is now available here:

- Added Houdini 16.5 Support
- Various bug and crash fixes

Thanks!  :)


Hey guys,

We are working on a new version of the Maya 2018 substance plugin. We now have a beta version which updates the current plugin to work with Maya 2018. The Windows, Mac, and Linux installers are now available at

Note that this is a beta, but we wanted to get something out to our Maya users as fast as we could.

Now supports Maya 2018
Substance Preferences menu
 - can set default workflow for substances
 - can set output cache location and bake format
Various crash fixes

The Substance Preferences menu has slight UX issues. This will be updated in a future iteration of the plugin.

If there are any issues/concerns/suggestions for the plugin, please post here and let us know!  :)


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