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Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: Fixed Rotation
 on: September 21, 2020, 07:31:09 pm 
Here is package containing two methods, using a transformation2d and using a pixel processor.

In the pixel processor the random value is generated in the Output Size function in order to get a single value, if we were doing it in the main function, the random value would be different for each pixel.


Apply the transformation on the original image using a Transformation 2D node.
I've not seen any quality degradation (I checked in PS).

I don't see any Sampler node in your function.. ? You have to sample in the texture first...


Can you check what engine you are currently using ? Go to Tools / Switch Engine...

If the SSE engine is selected, try to switch to the GPU engine (Direct3D 11).

It looks like there is a subtile difference between the two engine that will affect the mask in the Tile Sampler.

Moved to the right section of the forum.

In that case it'd be better to create a new thread in the Integration subforum.

It looks like your texture is half transparent, I can see the checker in the thumbnail.
In the 2d view you can enable/disable the alpha display, it's the sexond button in the bottom toolbar.

I assume the transparency is not desired so you should enable the alpha display and search where in the graph it's becoming transparent.


What exactly are you referring to by "height" ?

Set the "Roughness" (on the fxmap node) to 0.

Ok I moved the thread.

FYI, the texture set name is taken from the material name you assign to your objects before exporting your model.
So if the material names are not the same between the old and new meshes, the layer stack will be empty.

Two solutions for that:
- fix the material name in 3dsmax so that it matches the previous name
- reassign the texture set

This is the Substance Designer sub forum, is your problem about Painter?


Thanks for the report. We are going to make Iray behave the same as the OpenGl renderer.

Use the unreal tangent space plugin (I don't remember the plugin exact name,  don't have access to a computer..).

In Painter, by default, the height map range is remapped to fit within the [-1, 1] range, that's why it looks darker: because it now contains negative values.

You can change this behavior by either changing the color space on the Substance output directly in Painter:

or by adding a user data on the height output node in SD:

Here is the documentation page about that:

The 3D view has a "quality" setting in the preference that can dramatically affect the material response to light. The setting tell how many samples are performed and the default setting is actually quite low. Resulting in some cases in a slightly rougher result.

Go to the preferences/3d view and change the sample count to at least 128. I think the result will be closer to Unity.

We have changed the default setting for the next minor version.

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