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So in a nutshell I have set myself a '2021' challenge to learn sub designer. I want to learn it properly and understand what I am actually doing not just click on things because that is was the man in the video said to do. Having opened up the software I have been presented with this window. I am not requesting that you kind people explain this all to me but I am actually sending a kind of compaint to the creators of this amazing yet complex program - What the actual F* is this?
seriously for a novice how do you expect us to react to this screen having never used the program before. I apreciate that you have a description window but that is only translating from mumbo jumbo to jibberish. Where can I possibly begin to learn what all this means? I am familiar with texture maps but I thought that was an output 'thing' not input. Adobe when you create these programs do you not put them infront of a complete novice and see how they react and navigate through it.   

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