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Hey everyone - this substance has been approved on the substance share website - you can now find it here:

Thanks guys!

Wow that high pass filter looks awesome, you still get the broad shapes with some nice high frequency detail. I have been blending large, blurred shapes with fractal sum base with various settings to try to get something similar. I'll have to explore that a little bit more.

You guys should try using Cone and Pyramid with the splatter node - you get some neat patterns there, too.

Hey guys, wanted to drop a line about a useful technique for achieving fluid like warping effects with vector warp. I have a write up here:

Hey everyone, i created a quick tutorial for creating fBM noise with the FX-Map node. It assumes you have basic knowledge with designer and most of nodes.

This IS a feature, haha.

But seriously guys, can you please get this moving so i don't have to paint on squashed textures? All my artists are complaining about it.

The 3d Noise nodes are great, however it would be awesome if we could use them to generate tiling 3d noise lookup tables, similar to what Ryan Brucks does for UE4: These would be invaluable for advanced shading techniques.

Also, any chance we could get some 3d vector noise nodes in the future?

This is essentially a color palette analyser.

I'd attempt to make this node by hand, but it requires iterating over every pixel and storing the values in a table. You then have to sort the table by number of entries in each value and return the top X number of results. This is pretty much impossible to do in the pixel processor, so i'm hoping that you guys can make this an atomic node or a function.

The image it would return would be similar to quantize, but it would instead fill in surrounding similar colors with a common average.

There's a program called ToonIt! that has a bunch of filters that do similar things, but it's only for photoshop, and... well... who wants to use photoshop anymore?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Blue Noise applications?
 on: February 20, 2017, 07:47:27 am 
Hey everyone,

I noticed the new Blue Noise node and i'm wondering if anyone has any idea what the common applications are for it. Couldn't find much on Google about it's uses.

I am having the exact same problems as you. I have a GTX 970 and i'm working on a project with 3 texture sets. 2 of them are 2048k res and the 3rd is 1024k res.

I've got this crash three times in the past 2 days and it happens exactly as OP described. The last time i was afk for about 20 minutes, came back - touched the screen and got the hard crash.

Has there been any work done on this?

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