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Hello there,

I have exactly the same issue as Fnordcorp, really anoying...




Hello together,

I have a similar issue:

Alchemist would instantly crash on launching, so I searched in the forum and delete the "alchemist-app-data folder" (and made a copy of the old one).

I restarted Alchemist and it worked - so far so good- but then, like pinarer, my old Alchemist projects/materials I´ve created are gone.

They don´t show up at the starting menu of Alchemist.

So i guess I am repeating the same question from pinarer: Is there a way to utilise the backup "appdata-folder" to get back the old Alchemist creations?

I see also in the "\Substance Alchemist\assetsBackup" folder besides of some json files a lot of sbsar files. Shouldn´t they help in some way?

Any help would be appreciated, it´s kinda sad to loose all those created materials...




I was just wondering if you guys are thinking of a better export workflow from Substance to a DCC application, especially to Unreal/Unity.

I would love to have kind of a category in SUbstance source (call it "user data") where you could upload your Substance Painter file, with 3d mesh and texture sets.

From there, you could to Unreal/unity, use the Source plugin and download the 3d mesh with already associated textures directly in UE4, which then would automatically create UE4 materials with plugged textures in the right outputs.

This would make the whole process of exporting/importing much better, and you could have an overview of your 3d meshes in the Source library.

The guys at Quixel are doing a good job in this direction...

Would be interesting to hear what you think of that!



hello Celine,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I guess my mesh is tessellated enough (picture below)

I exported an OBJ from a CAD-program, UV´s made in Blender and exported as FBX to Designer.



Hi there,

I am using a custom mesh to display my work in Designer, but the shape just shows up without displacement.

All the settings are set up so far (see screen below), and I tested the same graph on the default hi-res plane in the viewport, works fine.

Am I missing something?



Substance Integrations - UE4 - Painter to Unreal Livelink
 on: January 06, 2019, 05:46:24 pm 
Hi there,

Is there a (simple) way to establish the livelink from Painter to UE4? Because usually, you paint your stuff in painter, and then want to check how it looks in UE4, not vice versa.



Hi there,

I just installed the latest Painter Version and it works fine when creating a new Project.

However, if I open a spp file created with the Version before, it crashes.

I work on a Surface Pro 3, Intel i5-4300U CPU@1,90 GHz 2.50 GHz, 4GB Ram.

Tested the same on my Desktop PC, which works fine there.

Any idea?


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Re: VRED SUPPORT
 on: March 14, 2017, 09:00:24 am 
Come on guys, anything??

 ??? ???

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - VRED SUPPORT
 on: March 09, 2017, 10:12:34 pm 
Hi Allegorithmics!

Since I´m working at a big car company which wants us to visualize our 3d-Stuff in Autodesks V-RED, I wonder if there´s a plan to implement Substance tools in it? V-RED is a fast high quality renderer specially built for the car industry.

I also think that "spreading" this fantastic software of yours in the design process of the car industry could be benefiting!

But please let us know if this a thinkable topic for you guys, because I would love to utilize Substance´s tools and power in V-RED...

Another thing:

I´ve noticed that in your list of supporting software appears DS Catia...I´m using ICEM SURF and Catia at work, so could you please specify in which way Substance has something to do with that? Because I´ve never heard of that...




I figured out that this problem doesn´t occur if exporting a OBJ-File, for what so ever reason...


Hello everybody,

I got a simple object, and as soon as I load the FBX into Painter, I got some kind of seam in the middle of an flat UV face, see picture below.

No matter how I redo my UV projection, it doesn´t disappear.

Any hints?


Substance Live will soon include a massive amount of high-quality content at no additional cost. We have partnered with selected producers to provide thousands of professional assets to all Substance Live subscribers. For $19.90 per month, subscribers will have access to the latest versions of Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Substance B2M and dozens of assets to download every month from a huge database of production-ready content. "

Hi guys,

Since I own the whole Substance Pack, does it mean that I don´t benefit of the new upcoming content? Is it just for the ones that pay 19,90- a month?



Allright, thanks Wes for the support!

I imagined something like it´s close as you can get in UE4. But I´m looking forward anyway to the Unity Scene->Ue4, as every single tutorial you guys make for this software!

Cheers and out!


Hey Wes,

So, here is what I got:

I guess the difference in the overall "ambient" color is something I can fix with some tweaking, but in my opinion the result in UE4 looks more blurry, not that crisp sharp than in SP.

The first try was the same cubemap than in SP in the Skylight options, and then I´ve put also one into the Postprocessing options, but I guess this is redundant? Also, I didn´t find much of a difference between the 2 Versions (see screenshot).

Or is it something with the compression of the textures? Or the resolution of the Cubemap, which I could imagine affects the lightning details? I´ve also unchecked every sRGB from grayscale textures (AO, roughness, and also the Normal map, which is unchecked by default).

Yeah, so that is what I got so far...if someone has an idea, it would help! I guess this whole lightning topic is a hard beast...I tried to look into different threads over in the UE4 and Polycount forums, but just found the same hints and "perhaps" and "maybes"...

I know that this here is a Substance Forum, but I´m thinking of one comment on the latest Tutorial for Substance/Unity (which was awesome!), where someone asked for a Video-Tutorial on implementing the same "Rock-Stuff" into UE4. Maybe in connection with that, you could make a detailled breakdown on which lights and settings to make in UE4 with this example!

So long,


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