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The 3.5 UI update. It's possible that at some point I may have missed a step or got confused and caused the problem. Luckily we got it figured out now.

I think I figured out the problem and solution.

When I first downloaded and started watching tutorials for substance, one of the steps in the tutorial was to create a copy of the packages folder and add that to the library. It seems as though if I used one of the duplicate procedurals that it had the error and it would cause several other procedurals to have a similiar error. However if I closed SD and used only the procedurals from the original package folder, those errors were not present until I used one from the new folder.

I unmapped the new folder and directed all my substances to the original folder and it appears to be totally functional now!

It appears to be correct when I open it with Substance Player and when I publish it into my Unity project. The error still exist within Substance Designer though.

The issue is still present after I restart. It's unfortunate because it is affecting a lot more now than the cells. Several of the default noises are doing similar things.

I had the same results after switching to the SSE2 engine.

My CPUs are Intel Xeon E5-2650.

The problem seemed to correct itself for a little while after restarting my computer but it returned. Possible after it went to sleep. I'm not entirely sure.

Substance Designer 3.5.2
Windows 7 64bit
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro 5000
Driver: NVIDIA

Hi! I'm very new to substance designer and I'm trying to redesign my workflow around it but I'm running into an issue right off the bat.

When I create a "Cells" procedural, any of them, there is an odd tiling/alpha issue. The only way to fix it that I've seen so far is by decreasing the distance but then the cells are far to large for I need.

Any recommendations or thoughts? I've attached a capture of the default cells right after creating it.

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